AppLock Apk Download Latest Version for Android Device (2020)

Whet it comes to choosing the best app lock for your Android device, the AppLock app comes to the top of the list. AppLock -the name says it all. It is one of the best privacy apps for your Android device. Hello guys, welcome to our brand new post. We’ve provided many Android apps and games for your Android devices in the past days. And we’re back with a brand new app. In this post, you’ll get the direct link to download AppLock Apk for your Android device. We’ll also tell you the best and top features of AppLock. You’ll also find the complete guide to install the applock apk on your Android device. So, read this post till the end if you want to get all the information about Applock.

applock apk

[su_box title=”About The App” box_color=”#3430ff”]Applock is one of the best privacy apps for Android devices. You can lock the apps installed on your Android device with the help of this app. You can use either fingerprint or password/pattern to lock down the apps installed on your device. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should start using this app. Applock has many features in it. You can customize it and start using the app.[/su_box]

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App Name AppLock
Size 10MB
Version v3.0.7
Required Root? No
Total Downloads 100,000+


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AppLock Apk Download for Android

AppLock Apk

Most of us use Android devices in our daily life. It helps us in many ways. From taking photos on the camera app to checking messages on Whatsapp, Android devices can do a lot of things. Being an open-source operating system, Android supports many apps and games. It has many developers worldwide who are developing and have developed some cool and useful app for our Android device. You can find thousands of apps and games on the Internet that you can download and install on your Android device to use the app. The best thing about Android is most of the apps are free to download. You don’t need to spend a single penny to download some useful apps for your Android device. And the premium apps can be downloaded with Blackmart.

And when it comes to the apps that are installed on your Android device, you need the vital privacy for them. You don’t want anyone to access those apps and insecure your privacy. You may have protected with fingerprint or password on your lock screen, but the apps installed on your device are not really secured. A friend of your’s can ask your Android device and tell you to unlock the device. That moment your friend gets all the access to all the apps. You really can’t deny it. But what you can install AppLock on your device to secure the apps that are important to you.

AppLock is one of the best security program app for your Android device. You can lock any Android app or game installed on your Android device. If you are concerned about your security, then must install this app because it works differently than the primary screen lock of your device. If anyone knows the password/pattern to unlock your device, he/she can easily access any file or any app on your device. But, applock is different. You not only get to protect your apps, but you also get the feature to see the picture of the intruder who tries to unlock the apps.

You can set a different password/pattern for applock. So that if anyone knows your lock screen password, the person can’t access the apps. You just need to download Applock apk latest version on your device and follow the installation process to install the app on your Android device. It is really a useful app for your Android device. Applock is the best privacy application that you need for your Android device.

Applock has many premium features in it. You can set fingerprint to unlock the apps with applock if you have a fingerprint on your device. You can also set a password or pattern to secure the apps. If you forget the pattern or password, you get the option to reset it by configuring your email with Applock. So, it is helpful to those who forget their password. This app works even in offline mode. You don’t need an active internet connection to use applock. You can use it without connecting your device to the internet.

Some apps are not supposed to be used by children. You can lock down those apps so the little ones in your home can’t get access to some sensitive apps. You can lock down your camera, gallery, file manager, or any app you want with Applock. It is a one-click process to lock the apps or games on your Android device with Applock. You just need to tap on the apps that you need to lock, and it’ll do the work for you. If you’re using applock for the first time, you’ll find that the app is straightforward and easy to use.

Applock is one of those apps that are absolutely free to download for your Android device. You just need to download the applock apk and install on your Android device to use the premium features of applock. This app is very lite and has a simple interface. You can easily lock your apps and games with applock without any problem. Just follow the installation process below to install the app on your device. After installing it, you can open applock anytime you want from the app drawer of your device. Remember, it asks every time for the master password when you try to open Applock.

Now, let’s talk about some top features of applock.

Applock Features

  • Lock Any App or Game: This is the main feature of Applock. You can understand why the name of the app is ‘Applock.’ Applock can lock the apps that you want to access only by yourself. You can even lock system apps like Google play store and settings with applock. If you don’t want to give access to certain apps like camera, file manager, browser, then you can use applock to lock those apps for better privacy. It’ll ask for password/fingerprint every time anyone including you try to open the app.
  • Various Options to Lock: Applock give you different options as lock method. You can use a strong old-styled pattern or password to lock the apps, or you can use a new fingerprint option to lock the apps. To lock the apps with fingerprint, you must have a fingerprint on your device. If you have an old device that doesn’t have any fingerprint, don’t worry, you can still use some strong pattern or password as lock option to lock the apps or games on your Android device. Choose your preferred option as unlock option and start securing your sensitive apps.
  • Prevent Uninstalling App Lock: This is one of the most useful and exciting features of Applock. When you activate this feature, it’ll prevent anyone from uninstalling Applock. If anyone thinks that he’ll uninstall the Applock and then get access to the apps that are locked by applock, then he’s wrong. Because you can’t uninstall Applock when this ‘prevent uninstall’ feature is turned on. You’ve to turn off this feature to uninstall applock from your device. So, this feature makes applock a perfect privacy app for your Android device. Not just only applock, it’ll also prevent all the apps from uninstalling. It’ll ask for the same master password/pattern when anyone tries to uninstall any app or game, installed on your device. You can’t even uninstall the apps from Google Play Store. It’ll lock and prevent uninstalling the apps from Google Play Store.
  • Prevent Force Stop: Force stop is a feature that stops a running application on your Android device. If you use force stop option, it’ll stop the app from running. Just like prevent uninstall, Applock also helps us to prevent any app or game, including Applock to force stop. That means, if anyone tries to force stop Applock to bypass the security, the person won’t be able to do that. Because every time he tries to use force stop feature from Settings option, first it’ll ask for password/pattern to settings and then it’ll ask for the same if anyone tries to force stop any app. This takes the security level of applock at the next level. Although you can disable this feature from applock dashboard anytime, you want, but these are the features that applock recommends you to use. You’ll not find these premium features in every app locking app. Some features are exclusively available on Applock.
  • Protect Notification: Applock protects from displaying notifications from the locked apps. If you lock social media apps like Facebook or Whatsapp, it’ll prevent displaying any new notification from the locked apps. It is one of the best privacy features that you can get only with the applock app. However, you can always disable it if you want to get notification from the locked apps. Applock gives you the full ability to control all the features of it. Just turn on the features that you want with applock and let the others options to be disabled.
  • Intruder Selfie: This is one of the most exciting features of applock. If you enable this feature, it’ll take the selfie of the person who tries to unlock your apps protected by applock. By using this feature, you can find out the culprit who try to open the locked apps. Isn’t that cool? It’ll take a picture from the front camera every time someone enters a wrong password when opening a locked app on your device. Just enable this option from the dashboard of applock, and you’re all set. It’ll take a selfie of the intruder and save in your device so that you can warn the person to stop opening the apps that are locked by applock app.
  • Themes: You can also change the theme of applock lockscreen. There are many themes that you can download and use as the lockscreen of applock. It’ll make a good look at the lockscreen. These themes are absolutely free to download and use. You can choose any theme you want and set as lockscreen of applock. You’ve to choose the theme from hundreds of theme gallery of applock and then download the theme from google play store to use the theme. It is a smooth process, and you can change the themes anytime you want.
  • Simple Interface and Easy to Use: Applock has a simple interface that makes the app very user-friendly. You can easily navigate through all the options and choose which feature should be turned on or off. The UI of the app is pretty simple and straightforward. If you follow the steps, you can easily access all the features of applock on your device. Just download the applock apk from the below link to use all the features of the applock app.

Applock Apk Latest Version Download Link

You can download the latest version of the applock from the below link. It is a completely free app to download and use. You don’t need to buy an applock to use it on your Android device. Just download the latest applock apk and follow our installation guide described below. Applock is 100% safe to download and install on your Android device.

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How to Install?

  • First of all, go to Settings>Security on your Android device and enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option from there.
  • Now, open your downloads folder and look for the applock apk file.
  • Click on the apk file to install it on your Android device.
  • Click ‘Install’ to continue installing the app.
  • It’ll take a few seconds to install. Just wait until the installation process completes.
  • After completing the installation process, you can open the app from your app drawer.

App Screenshots

applock apk applock apk applock apk

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this post. If you liked, just share it with your friends and family by using the share buttons below. And tell them about the premium features of Applock. If you have any questions regarding applock or if you face any problem during the installation, just comment down in the comment section below, and we’ll try to solve your problems. Visit our Homepage if you want more apps like this.

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