Top 7 Best Picasa Alternative Software’s that You Should Try on Your PC

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Among all the photo viewing tools that we see now, Picasa was probably the best. It was a fast and simple photo viewing and editing tool for PC. But, good things don’t last long. The same thing happened to Picasa. Google discontinued it. After the discontinue of Picasa, many users have searched for its alternatives. But, the users don’t find the proper alternatives to Picasa. Although there are many photo viewing and editing tools are available for both Windows and mac niche, finding the right alternative is pretty difficult. That’s why I’m here to help you. Hello guys, welcome to another useful article. In this article, you’ll get the best Picasa alternative software for your PC.

Just like Picasa, these Softwares or apps can help you to view and edit photos on your Windows PC. And just like Picasa, most of them are free to use. So, you’ll get all the information about these photo viewing and editing tools that you can use on your Windows or Mac and view photos. Along with viewing the photos, you can also use these apps to edit photos on your Windows PC. Although you can’t do professional-level photo editing using these tools, you can do basic photo editing easily. This is the reason why you should get Picasa alternative tools on your PC.

Why You Need Picasa Alternatives?

Best Picasa Alternative Softwares

Before getting into the main topic, let’s know some information about Picasa. If you are not familiar with Picasa, don’t worry, I’ll provide all the information for you. Picasa was one of the best photo editing and viewing tool for Windows, Mac, and some other platforms. Especially for Windows users, Picasa was the most favorite photo viewer. At that time, there was no good photo viewing app that provided features like Picasa. Because you could view, edit, print your favorite photos on your PC using this tool.

We are talking about the time when Windows XP and Windows 7 was dominating the market. And these operating systems didn’t have a powerful photo editing or viewing tool. Although it had a Windows photo viewer older version, users didn’t like to edit or view their photos using the Windows photo viewer tool. That’s where Picasa comes. In 2004, Google acquired Picasa and after that, it was a product from Google. Everything was good until 2016 when Google announced that it’ll discontinue support for Picasa software. And finally, on May 1, 2016, Google discontinued Picasa for all the platforms.

But between these years, Picasa became favorite for users. Because of its simple interface and useful features, Picasa was favorite among the users. Well, you couldn’t edit photos like you do on Photoshop, but Picasa had basic photo editing features including Crop image, add filters and effects, make a collage and do a lot of other things with Picasa. If you are thinking what’s a big deal in providing these features? Because nowadays we get these features for free with any good photo viewing or editing software. But, let me tell you what was so special about Picasa.

Back then, you couldn’t edit photos just like that using free software. Because Picasa was one of those tools that used to provide these basic and advanced features for free. Although there was Adobe Photoshop. But again, Photoshop is a paid software. So, why should we use a paid photo editing tool just to crop photos or making a collage? And Photoshop is still required good skills to edit photos. But that was not the thing with Picasa. Because you could edit the photos with a single click. Again, the Interface of Picasa was so simple that anyone could edit their photos with this tool without any issue.

You could also make photo albums and share them on social media using the Picasa photo editing app. It was a product from Google. So, it’s oblivious that it was good enough to attract users. Although Picasa had all the basic features, the Geotag features were one of the most interesting features of all time in Picasa. Because you could add geotags on your photos and add coordinations using this photo editing tool. Back then, it was a good feature for users. And millions of users used the GeoTag feature to add the location to their photos.

Now coming to the present, as Picasa is discontinued now, you can use Picasa alternative tools on your Windows or Mac PC to do the same things that you could do with Picasa. Nowadays, there are many tools that provide similar features. So, if you didn’t get a chance to try Picasa or if you want to get the same feeling of using this photo editing tools, getting a Picasa alternative software is one of the best things that you can do. As technology has developed and there have been many developers joining app development, using the same features of Picasa is not a big deal now.

Although there may be some ways to use the Picasa software on your PC in 2020, let me tell you why you shouldn’t choose that option. If you try to download the old version of Picasa or any 3rd party version of this tool, you may end up infecting your PC with viruses and malware. Picasa has been discontinued a long time ago. So, you probably won’t use an app that is outdated and doesn’t provide support. So, you should always use the latest apps. Especially the trending apps.

But the thing is, you don’t need to install the old Picasa. Because you can get the features with a Picasa alternative app. So, why would you install an outdated app on your PC that could infect your PC? There are many photo editing tools are available out there that provides the same features of Picasa. So, just choose the right photo viewing and editing tool for your PC, and use it. Although there may be not interfaced similarities between Picasa and these apps, you don’t have many options. So, Just use an alternative to Picasa on your Windows or Mac PC to view and edit the photos easily. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can also check out some of the Best Photo Editing Apps for Android. Because nowadays, you can edit professional-level photos with Android photo editing apps on your Android smartphone.

Top 7 Best Picasa Alternative Softwares for Windows

1. Microsoft Photos

Best Picasa Alternative Softwares

Developer: Microsoft

Available for: Windows 10

Pricing: Freemium

If you are using a Windows 10 PC or Laptop, then Microsoft photos are probably the best option for you. Microsoft Photos is a photo viewing and editing tool from Microsoft. And it is available for Windows 10. Using this tool, you can make albums, edit your photos, crop them, add effects, and can do a lot of things. Microsoft photos is similar is the same as Windows photos, which is the default photo viewer app for Windows 10.

Microsoft photos are only available for Windows 10 PC. So, you can’t install this tool in an earlier version of Windows and on other operating systems. And it comes preinstalled with Windows 10. If you don’t find this tool on your PC, you can also download it from the Microsoft Store. And it’s free to use the tool. So, you don’t have to buy this tool to use it.

2. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Developer: Apowersoft

Available for: Windows OS

Pricing: Free

If you want a photo editing tool that has a similar interface to Picasa, then the Apowersoft photo viewer will be the perfect one for you. Because it is a simple and clean photo viewer and editing app for Windows PC. Although you don’t get too many features with this tool, still, you can do basic photo editing like Crop, Rotate, Make albums and slideshows, etc using this photo editing tool.

However, the simple and straightforward interface of Apowersoft Photo Viewer can remind you of Picasa. Although this software has limited features, you can still use it as a simple photo viewing and editing tool on your Windows PC. It is available for free for Windows PC. So, you can just download this tool on your PC and use it as your default photo viewer app.

3. 123 Photo Viewer

Best Picasa Alternative Softwares


Available for: Windows 10

Pricing: Free

The next photo viewing app on our list is the 123 Photo Viewer tool. 123 Photo Viewer is a trending photo editing and viewing tool for Windows 10. This tool is exclusively available for Windows 10. So, you can’t install it on any other Windows version or any other operating system. However, the features of this photo editing tool make it so special. You’ll get some basic photo editing features with this tool. But, if you want to get a photo viewer tool just to view photos on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop quickly, this app can help you a lot.

Because it is a lite and clean tool that you can use to view different format photos on your Windows 10 PC. 123 photo viewer also supports .pdf files. So, you can use it as a pdf viewer also. Although this tool doesn’t give you many features, if you want a simple and light photo viewing too to view photos on your PC, you can use it for sure. And it’s completely free to download and use 123 Photo viewer on your Windows 10 PC. And you can download it from the official Microsoft Store on your PC.

4. ImageGlass

Developer: Phapsoftware

Available for: Windows Platforms

Pricing: Free

The next tool that can work as Picasa alternative is Imageglass. Imageglass is a lightweight photo viewer and editing tool for PC. It also has some basic photo editing features that you can use to edit and view photos on your PC. This tool supports 70+ different formats that you can view using this tool. You can edit your photos and crop, rotate, add effects to them using the Imageglass tool.

Imageglass is a very lite and simple tool that you can use to view photos on your PC. Imageglass is officially available for Windows PC for free. So, you can download this awesome photo editing tool for free on your PC and use it for viewing and editing your photos. The interface of ImageGlass looks similar to Picasa. That’s why we can consider it as one of the best alternatives to Picasa.

5. Photoscape

Best Picasa Alternative Softwares

Developer: Mooii

Available for: Windows Platforms

Pricing: Free

Photoscape is a basic and free photo editing tool for Windows PC and Laptops. You can view any type of photo with this tool. But this photo viewing tool also has some other features that make it interesting. You can do some advanced level photo editing with Photoscape tool on your Windows PC.

You can also create slideshows of your photos using this tool. It allows you to do resizing, brightness and color adjustment, text adding, color picker, screen capture, etc on your PC. You can also convert RAW to JPG using this tool on your PC. And the best part is, Photoscape is a very lite app. So, you can install this tool on your PC and view your photos.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

Best Picasa Alternative Softwares

Developer: FastStone Soft

Available for: Windows Platforms

Pricing: Free

The next image viewer app on our list is the FastStone Image viewer app. FastStone is a fast, reliable, and free image viewer tool that you can use on your PC to do several things. This image viewer tool has several advanced image viewing feature that you can use.

If you want a powerful but lite image editor app that’ll also work as an image viewer, then you can get Faststine image viewer for your PC.

7. Google Photos

Developer: Google

Available for: Web Platform

Pricing: Free

When Google removed Picasa, it replaced Google Photos as the photo viewer and editing app. The reason why we are placing Google photos at the last place is that it is an online photo editing platform. Although Google photos are available offline for Android devices. But, for PC, you need an active Internet connection to work on this tool.

Final Words

So, guys, we hope you liked all the Picasa alternative tools. If you liked, you can share this article on your social media platforms. Just use the share buttons below to share this post. If you have any questions or worries, you can ask them in the comment section below. And we’ll try to help you.

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