BPL cricket

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is the most popular and demanded sports discipline among the people of India. In many ways, the successful outcome of the bet depends on the choice of the bookmaker. At this stage of development, the online BPL cricket and betting market is overloaded with various bookmakers. Therefore, we bring to your attention the bookmaker Parimatch. This bookmaker provides its users with full functionality that will allow them to fully enjoy sports betting.

Distribution of the game around the world

Britain had a lot of colonies, and even had a reputation as an empire on which the sun never set. That’s why the national game of the British has become widespread in the territories under their control. Cricket is incredibly popular in Australia and India. They know what cricket is in New Zealand and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Africa. 

There are national teams of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada and the Caribbean countries. Despite the large list of countries, cricket did not last long among the Olympic sports. The motivation for exclusion is lack of competition. This happened, perhaps, because only two teams – from England and France – were present at the Summer Olympic Games in Paris in 1900, and the victory was naturally won by the British.

Notable historical moments

However, the history of the development of the national game knows a significant example of the rivalry between the national teams of England and Australia. The aggravation of passions was so great then that it was reflected both in literature and in cinema. The meeting, which ended with the victory of Australia, marked the beginning of the annual tournament called “Ashes”, which means “urn with ashes” in English. This name symbolized the demise of English cricket.

The game is played in one of the main formats:

  • first-tier cricket, where matches are time-limited and teams play two innings as a batter. The duration of the competition is 3 or 5 days, six hours per game.
  • limited overs cricket, where matches are limited by the number of overs played (20 or 50), with each team playing one innings as a batsman. The duration of a match is one day, but more than six game hours are allowed.

Test cricket is the highest form of first level competition. These matches involve only full members of the International Cricket Council and are played in a series of three or five matches between two teams. If the stated time is exceeded, a raindrop is declared.

One day match (ODI) is a form of limited overs cricket. Meetings in the ODI format make it possible to determine the winner with greater accuracy, since a draw is impossible.

The goal of the bowler is to score as many runs (runs) in six innings (overs) or until they are out. The task of the batsman is to hit the ball to the edge of the field or away from the opponent, which allows him to reach the other side of the field.

The innings continue until 10 batsmen from the batters team are eliminated, then the teams switch places.

Let’s talk about the main

Let’s take a closer look at the format of this cricket tournament. The first league match took place in 2012. Since then, the BPL has remained one of the most sought after and attended cricket leagues.

The previous season was insanely exciting and exciting. According to the forecasts of professional experts, the new season will be able to interest any cricket fan. But it is not enough just to go to the Parimatch website and place a bet on one of the matches of this tournament. It is necessary to study in detail the statistics of both teams, and analyze the results of matches of past seasons. Of course, the winners of last season will fight to the end to keep their championship title.

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