Mobile Applications For Free Learning English Quickly

Obtaining new language levels, and the overall experience in getting to know the other culture is one of the most appreciative things you can ever do. You can find dozens of ways to enhance your competence in a precise idiom, from participating in classes learning on your own. Your phone can become your major assistance in this situation. In this post, you will get to know about some of the mobile applications for free learning English quickly.

Hello English

It takes the first place of today’s recommendations. This is designed for anyone who is eager to enhance their language proficiency. The app covers every aspect of learning, including words, translation exercises, grammar, spelling, speaking, and reading comprehension skills.

However, you should already be capable of comprehending the fundamental structure of English and alphabets, the application cannot facilitate you train yourself from scratch.

When you start the application for the first time, you will need to select your original language to proceed. There are 22 supported languages, and make sure that you choose the correct as the application will work in your original language from there.

After that, you will be tested with 20 questions that the application will use to evaluate your current level of English. Depending on the results of the test, the recommendation would be lessons that are most suitable for you.


Are you a newbie who wants to start your journey in English? This one is the tool you are looking for. It uses interactive games to assist you in learning more than 20 various options, including English.

For novices, the app aims to help you learn verbs and sentences. While advanced users may also improve their language by supplementing writing, talking, and lexical classes.

You’ll be required to select the language you want to start upgrading and your native tongue to begin the training course. Then you can validate if you need to learn the language from scratch or if you only wish to get more effective.

Duolingo and Hello English may assist you in training and enhancing your knowledge. However, when you are ready to train your talk in real-life situations, you’ll need Lingbe. This is a community-based application that allows people to support each other and share their experiences.


It’s got a linguistic exchange system. To obtain minutes of speaking to grasp a foreign talk, you must first speak with someone in your mother tongue and help them learn it. It is therefore essentially about making concessions when you are simultaneously the instructor and the trainee. Generally, it’s a fun way of making friends, discovering a new culture, and training in the language.

There exist many similar apps connecting you with indigenous speakers. Yet, the majority chooses it for its exceptionally plain customer design solution. For genuine aesthetics, it’d be a perfect match to any of the wood phone cases at Androclue. It’s pleasant to have an app that is both good-looking and useful.

First and foremost, you just need to select your mother tongue and the one you want to learn. Then, say a few things about your interests. This data won’t be visible to other users, and will only be used to log in to the appropriate custody user.

Quiz Your English 

If you’re getting ready for a test, this one becomes your other top app! It is created by Cambridge Assessment English, having different levels that are specific to IELTS. 

You can look forward to encountering the type of lexicon and grammar you can discover in the reality. If you are expecting to go through an impending Cambridge test, the application could provide a slight alleviation once the profound prep is over. You can even compete within real-time sessions with anyone!

Improve English

It’s a popular program to make a significant upgrade. With this one, you can significantly level up your word list.

The preferred serviceability of this application is the technical optimization that helps you train and boosts your effectiveness. This interesting wordplay helps you cover all the necessary learning aspects.

Personalized material assists you in getting a good score in major entry examinations. The training games that come to the classes are filled with great content. These classes use a map format that introduces the word or sentence and its explanation to the learner.

There is also a particular category for you to attach reminds to each card. Once you feel the word is safe, remove it from the training package.

The pro edition has an abundance of excellent standard substances expanding a user’s lexicon and supplies good training. Its follow-up function will be helpful for the trainee to check their headway and for teaching staff to follow up on apprentice performance.

So, these are the utmost apps to learn English which are helpful, easy to obtain, and fun. Choose a few of them to get started boosting your knowledge and skills!

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