Buying Your Instagram Followers Vs. Using a Tool

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In the world of Instagram, there are only a few ways to get ahead. You can either strike gold and partner with the right people, or you can do everything yourself. However, more and more people realize that there is a third way to help your Instagram account get off the ground, and that’s by outsourcing your engagement. You can divide this outsourcing into two categories – buying your followers and using a tool. Let’s break down what each is and weigh up the pros and cons of both, so at the end of the day, you can see why it’s better for your reputation and growth to use a tool.

Buying Your Instagram Followers

Buying your Instagram followers involves signing up with a third party company that offers a monthly subscription to deliver followers to your account on a regular basis. They’ll either have one-off packages, or they’ll deliver a fresh batch of followers every time you upload a new piece of content. They can also do the same with likes as well. However, if you’re trying to grow your account, followers are the best engagement to choose.


  • Overnight Success: one of the biggest advantages of buying your followers is that your follower count will go up overnight. This is going to do wonders for your overall credibility.
  • Affordable Service: most of the time, companies that sell followers make their services affordable, so almost anyone can do it.


  • Can Hurt Your Account: one of the biggest downsides to overnight success is that it’s not very sustainable. While it may make your account look good in the short-term, there’s a good chance that these followers will drop off after a while, taking your account back to square one, or even worse.
  • The Followers Can be Fake: with most companies that offer instant followers, they are either fake, inactive, or ghost accounts. Any of these options are less than ideal because they’re going to hurt your account more than help it. People don’t like seeing fake followers on accounts they’re interested in.

Using a Tool or App

When you use a growth tool or app, you get a gradual, automated service that can help you connect with your target audience by engaging with them. Most tools and apps like this will seek out people who are within your niche so that they will be genuinely interested in your content.


  • Sustainable Service: when a company like this interacts with your target audience for you, they are providing a sustainable service where they can potentially get real people to interact with your content. The result is organic engagement that will last a long time.
  • A Lot Safer: because the engagement is organic, there is a much lower risk of social media platforms like Instagram finding your interactions to be suspicious.


  • Does Come with a Small Risk: this all depends on what company you’re signing up with. You’ve got to make sure that the company sets daily limits on its automated features. Otherwise, social media channels like Instagram will suspend or ban you. They have strict regulations around third party use, so tools and apps need to comply with these in order to keep their clients safe.


As you can see, while buying your Instagram followers could appear to be a good idea, in the long run, it isn’t. It may make your account look good overnight, but before you know it, these ghost accounts and fake followers will drop off – and in the meantime, they won’t interact with your content. You’re much better off opting for a company that provides a service that can connect you to your dream target audience. This will result in authentic, long-term engagement and growth.

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