Celebrities Around the World Who has Tested Positive for Covid-19

celebrities with coronavirus

With the recent Coronavirus breakout, thousands of people are suffering because of this disease. Governments around the world have already declared a national emergency in their countries. Factories are shut down, restaurants are closed and it’s no doubt that we are living in a very tough time. At the time of writing this article, there are already 490,257+ coronavirus cases. So, we need to be strong to handle the current situation. Because of this virus, thousands of peoples are already dead now. Every country around the world facing a problem because of the Covid-19. Even popular celebrities have tested positive for this virus. In this post, you’ll get to know about recent Celebrities with Coronavirus.

Many celebrities around the world including actors, soccer players have been tested positive for the Covid-19. So, this proves one thing. No matter who you are, any person in the world can be affected by this virus. So, it’s better to sit down at home and put yourself into home quarantine. If you feel bored in quarantine, use your smartphone to do things in quarantine. But, don’t go outside without any emergency. Even Celebrities with Coronavirus are sharing their experience about living in self-isolation. Now, let’s see the popular celebrities who got Covid-19.

Celebrities with Coronavirus – Top List

1. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Tom Jefferey Hanks is a well-known face in Hollywood. Recently this award-winning actor posted on Instagram that he and his partner Rita Wilson has been tested positive for Coronavirus. Tom recently posted on Instagram about him and his partner’s health, thanking their fans. The 63 years old actor quoted

“We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so we do not spread it to anyone else.”

He has also cleared that experts are taking care of them. Tom Hanks has over 8.6 Million followers on Instagram and millions of fans are praying for this veteran actor in the comment section of this post.

2. Itziar Ituño

Itziar Ituño is a Spanish actress, mostly known for her character inspector ‘Raquel’ in Spanish drama series ‘Money Heist’. This 45 years actress recently posted on Instagram that she has got the Covid-19. She has said on her Instagram post that She had symptoms like Dry cough and fever. And after diagnosed by the doctors, shed claimed that she’s a victim of the Covid-19. However, she told her fans not to take this situation lightly. She quoted

“Do not take it lightly, there are lives at stake and we still do not know how far this will go,”

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Aupa danoi!! Ofiziala da, bariku arratsaldetik sintomekaz nabil (sukarra ta eztul lehorra) eta gaur iritsi jaku azterneta epidemiologikoaren konfirmaziñoa. Koronabirusa da. Nire kasuan arina da ta ondo nago baina oso oso kutsakorra eta super arriskutsua ahulago dagoen jendearentzako. Hau ez da tontakeria, izan konsziente, ez hartu arinkeriaz, hildakoak dauz eta bizi asko jokoan eta ondiño ez dakigu noraiño helduko dan kontua, beraz, arduratsuak izateko txertoa ipinteko garaia da danon hobebeharrez. Elkartasun garaia da! Etxean geratzekoa eta babestu besteak! Orain 15 egun berrogeialdi eta aurrerago ikusiko da✊❤.Zaindu zaitezte!!😙😙😙😙/ Hola a [email protected]!! Ez oficial, desde el viernes por la tarde tengo los síntomas (fiebre y tos seca) y hoy nos ha llegado la confirmación del test epidemiológico. És coronavirus. Mi caso es leve y estoy bien pero es muy muy contagioso y superpeligroso para la gente que está más debil. Ésto no es tontería, ser conscientes, no lo tomeis a la ligera, hay muertos, muchas vidas en juego y aún no sabemos hasta donde va a llegar ésto por lo que ha llegado la hora de ponerse la vacuna de la responsabilidad por el bien común. Es tiempo de solidad y generosidad! De quedarse en casa y proteger a los demás. Ahora me tocan 15 dias en cuarentena y después ya se verá✊❤! Cuidaros mucho😙😙😙😙/ Olá galera! Ez oficial, desde sexta-feira à tarde tenho sintomas (febre e tosse seca) e hoje recebemos confirmação do teste epidemiológico. É um coronavírus. Meu caso é leve e estou bem, mas é muito muito contagioso e super perigoso para pessoas que são mais fracas. Isso não é bobagem, esteja ciente, não leve a sério, há mortos, muitas vidas em jogo e ainda não sabemos até que ponto isso vai dar, então chegou a hora de ser vacinado pela responsabilidade pelo bem comum . É um tempo de solidão e generosidade! Ficar em casa e proteger os outros. Agora tenho 15 dias em quarentena e depois será visto✊❤! Cuide-se😙😙😙😙 #etxeangeratu #yomequedoencasa #quedatencasa

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3. Prince Charles

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales has been recently tested positive for the Covid-19. Recently, the Clarance House released a statement reveling about the situation of Prince Charles. Camilla, Charle’s wife, Duchess of Cornwall has been also been tested. But, the result of her came negative. Current Charles and his wife Camilla are in self-isolation at Balmoral.

Reports reveal that Charles did not get any contact with the Queen. However, the Queen is in good health and she’s currently in Windsor. Charles and his wife are living with very limited staff. And very few people are taking care of them without getting into direct contact.

4. Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala, the 26 years old football player has been tested positive for the Covid-19. Recently this Argentinian player revealed the disease on his twitter account saying that he and his girlfriend Oriana has got the result and they both have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. He also thanked his fans for the messages. He said that they are in perfect condition most probably in self-isolation, so fans don’t need to be worried.

5. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert, the 26 years old NBA player also has been tested positive with Coronavirus. That makes him one of the celebrities with Coronavirus. There are several NBA players who have got this disease recently. The Utah Jazz player posted on Twitter about his health conditions. He also said that he’s in great care and will fully recover from the Covid-19. Rudy also thanked his fans for good wishes and told his fans to stay at home. Not to go out. On the official NBA Twitter account, he shared his progress saying “A little better every day”.

6. Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, the Frozen 2 star has been tested positive for Coronavirus. She recently updated her condition in her official Instagram account. Rachel, the 26 years old actress, posted several updates in her Instagram story saying that recently she tested positive for the Covid-19. She also said that she’s currently not aware of the next step after being infected. But, she cleared that she’ll remain home quarantined. Rachel asked her fans to ask about any question related to Covid-19. She also cleared that she has no contact with any hospitals about her current situation. Rachel told that she’s taking enough rest, drinking a lot of water and consuming some medicines to improve her health.

7. Andy Cohen

Andrew Joseph Cohen is an American TV Show host. He’s also the host and producer of Bravo’s late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Recently, Andy shared his situation on his Instagram account. He posted

“After a few days of self-quarantine, and not feeling great, I have tested positive for Coronavirus.”

He also thanked the medical professionals who are working tirelessly for the peoples. And told all the people to stay at their home and take care of themselves. Andy Cohen also co-hosted CNN’s New Yea’s Eve coverage in recent years.

8. Kristofer Hivju

Kristofer Hivju, the Game of Thrones star has recently revealed on his Instagram account that he’s suffering from the Covid-19. This actor posted:

Today, have tested positive for COVID19, Coronavirus. My family and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes.

He also told his fans to wash hands regularly and to keep 1.5 meters distance from others. Kristofer advised his fans to go to the nearest health center of their countries and test if they found any syndrome.

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Greetings from Norway! Sorry to say that I, today, have tested positive for COVID19, Corona virus. My familiy and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes. We are in good health – I only have mild symptoms of a cold. There are people at higher risk for who this virus might be a devastating diagnosis, so I urge all of you to be extremely careful; wash your hands, keep 1,5 meters distance from others, go in quarantine; just do everything you can to stop the virus from spreading. Together we can fight this virus and avert a crisis at our hospitals. Please take care of each other, keep your distance, and stay healthy! Please visit your country's Center for Disease Control's website, and follow the regulations for staying safe and protecting not just yourselves, but our entire community, and especially those at risk like the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. @grymolvaerhivju #fightcorona #solidarity #takecare #folkehelseinstituttet Thanks to @panoramaagency

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Final Words

So, guys, as you can see, many celebrities who have tested positive for the Covid-19, advised peoples to stay at home. As there’s no vaccination available for Coronavirus, you can only avoid this situation by putting yourself at home quarantine. Take care of your Fitness using some Fitness apps. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

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