9 Content Writing Tools That Convert Readers and Deliver Sales

content writing tools

Content Writing Tools

Content writing for businesses is usually done with the sole objective of attracting leads with the ultimate goal of converting them to customers. For that reason, business writers have to tailor their writing around that and provide useful information that will woo readers to take a buying action from the company website. These are some of the concepts covered in professional business thesis papers written everywhere around the globe.

Meeting theory and practice requires putting together the skills acquired in school in a real-world setting. At this age of technology and the internet, there are great content writing tools that can help content developers convert readers and deliver sales to their businesses. Here are 9 content writing tools that you will probably need to make your content writing effectively in delivering sales by converting your readers:


Passing on ideas to your ideas and valuable information is very critical in your efforts of making a conversion for sales. For that reason, you need to choose your topic ideas very well and that is what Ideaflip helps you to do. Instead of picking random ideas, this tool will help you brainstorm various options and come up with the best for writing content around it. It presents to you a visual and interactive platform that makes it possible for you to jot down, manage and create ideas to write about.

Unsuck It

You probably have come across bizarre business jargon in your research. Instead of throwing it away, you can Unsuck It to help you understand important business concepts and ideas. This tool will help you avoid being technical in your content development and use easy vocabulary that everyone can understand. The main objective of content development is to communicate with your readers and not to sound complex. No one is interested in that. All you need is to paste this jargon in a search box and you will get it explained in plain English, which will go well with your audience.

Click to Tweet

After developing your content, you can at times get lazy to share it and that means your efforts of reaching out to your prospects may get derailed. To ensure you tweet your content, you can embed this tool in each of your posts to get help from readers in sharing the content after they have read it. You will have to download its plugin for the link to appear in all your online posts. It is a simple “click to tweet” button that anyone can do because it won’t take much of their time.


Great content is assessed in various ways and most importantly, through its originality. You will be required to check the originality of your content especially if you are outsourcing these services. Search engines will blacklist your content if they realize it is copied elsewhere. That means it may never get to your intended audience hence decrease your conversion chances. To check your work, use Copyscape to make sure that your site’s ranking is not affected. Genuine and original content will get you noticed and boost your chances of making conversions for sales.

Readability Test Tool

No one wants to struggle reading what you have written in your posts. Any content that is difficult to read will cause disinterest among readers and at the end of it all, they will not be in a position to tell what it was all about. For that reason, it is important to make your content readable hence the need for the readability test tool. Past the link in this tool and it will provide helpful statistics about your content to help you understand who can read and understand what you have written. You can also download applock apk to secure your smartphone from others.


Visual content helps a lot in passing on the message you are putting forward to your target audience. With Thinglink, you will be in a position to create interactive visual content that will supplement your content writing services in a great way. Readers want to visualize what they are getting from you and if they can relate with it well, there is a high chance that they will take action to buy. Forming an interactive map in their minds through the inclusion of links through this tool will be a great idea to use at this age.


If you want to win the attention and hearts of your readers, make sure that your content is free from mistakes. Grammarly is there to make sure you provide error-free content. When readers find content full of mistakes, they will most likely not continue reading it. It shows that the owner is not mindful of their work and to them, it means they won’t getting anything good from that platform. If they can’t get good content, then everything is believed to be a hoax. To build the reputation of your brand, ensure you use good grammar and structure your sentences well using Grammarly.


Reach out to your prospects using HootSuite. This is a platform to help you manage your social media affairs and content sharing. Instead of doing this manually, this tool will help you schedule and publish your content regularly. This is very important to keep your prospects keep coming for more content. Ensuring consistency with HootSuite will do you good in converting your readers to buyers.


Check your work for mistakes by using the Hemingway online editing tool. It is convenient to use online and will get you solutions to your content in real-time. Phrases and sentences that sound complex will be highlighted for editing to help you communicate effectively with your readers. The excess use of passive voice and adverbs will also be eliminated, giving your content active voice which creates a stronger connection with your readers. It is very important for compelling readers to take action.

The Bottom Line

The secret to writing great content and makings sale conversions lies in your ability to communicate well and reach out to your prospects. Make use of these tools to boost your conversions through your written content!



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