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Coronavirus Cases Jump by 1 Million in a Week and over 8 Million Globally

It was reported on Monday that the number of coronavirus cases climbed over 8 million. The total cases one week before was 7 million. Josh Hopkins University said after tracking and compiling the data that the pace of this contamination of COVID-19 is now fastest from the time it was started. There were 8.03 million cases of coronavirus till Monday out of them, 435,000 patients died.

The massive outbreaks indicate that the virus is spreading in a worse way possible especially in Latin America and few countries in Asia. Though few countries had controlled the wave of coronavirus.

While it took around 10 days to go from 5 million to 6 million, the rate has been faster after that. The growth from 6 million to 7 million and then 8 million was quicker.

Real data is different

Researchers claimed that the actual situation is much worse than what the data is showing. The discrepancies are happening because of irregularities in testing and disparities in the process of reporting the data.

Laboratories are reporting over 10,000 cases per day and thousands of deaths in Brazil, Mexico, and South American countries. The huge climb in the total number of coronavirus cases is due to the massive surge in these countries.

Brazil crossed the United Kingdom as the world’s second-highest country with a number of deaths that happened because of coronavirus. The United States is suffering the highest deaths and cases. There is an increasing trend with millions of patients who are suffering from this deadly virus in Brazil in particular.

An increasing number of cases

The report is showing that Brazil has 888,000 infected cases until Monday. It is now the second-highest contaminated country worldwide.

There is also a wave of coronavirus in Peru. The total number of coronavirus cases in Peru reached 230,000. It is an eighth-most infected country. Mexico has an increasing number of daily infected patients and deaths reported. The infected patient’s number is reaching to 150,000 people.

It seemed many countries had controlled the outbreak of the novel coronavirus since it created its surge. But those countries are also facing a terrible wave of the resurgence of this pandemic.

Russia is suffering from 8000 to 9000 infected cases per day for almost a month. The country’s total number of patients reaches half a million. The death toll is over 7000. Though it is one of the lowest compared to other countries. But health officials said that their process of reporting the data is different from other countries.

India is now the fourth highest infected country. The country crossed the United Kingdom. There are over 332,000 cases now reported in India. The record showed nearly 12,000 new coronavirus infected patients are confirmed on Sunday. It is setting record infection as daily contamination.

Reports of second wave

The reopening in the U.S  can be the reason behind this accelerated pace of resurgence of coronavirus. The country already crossed 2 million infected cases last week.

There were major climbs in the infection of coronavirus because many countries reopened their economic activities and put relaxation on lockdown measures allowing gatherings. Texas and Arizona are seeing more infected patients. The hospitalization of those patients is more than ever in this pandemic time as of this month.

China had to go back to lockdown again after a new outbreak hit Beijing. The government of the country restrained travel routines. They have postponed the planning of students to get back to the classroom.

It took just over a week for cases to jump from 6 million to seven million, the data shows. The 6 million cases reached 10 days after the world surpassed 5 million infections. Many countries which were once hotspots of coronavirus are taking caution before reopening.

The curve is flattening in a few places

New Zealand and Australia have claimed that they will be able to return to normal life this summer. These countries have not seen any new infection for the past few weeks. Many other countries like France, Italy, Germany, U.K, and a few other countries of Europe are also experiencing a reduction of coronavirus cases.

Canada has reported less than 1000 new cases for many days. But now in this week only it is reaching almost 100,000 cases. Though the authority says the curve of infection has mostly flattened for Canada.

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