Destiny 2: New Light beginner’s guide

Destiny 2

Are you new to Destiny 2? Thinking how exactly you are going to excel at this game? Well, you have definitely visited the right place. We have come up with a complete beginner’s guide that will tell you how exactly you can play Destiny 2: New Light and succeed in the game. You can also get to know all about the game from their website.

What is New Light?

New Light is a portion of the Destiny 2 game. The game enables the players to enjoy the interesting elements of the first year of Destiny 2. The players will have access to the Red War campaigns, the experiences, and the Curse of Osiris stories. The Warmind content will be provided to the gamers. The game also has access to Dreaming City and Tangled Shore: the two important locations that are included within the game. The Last Wish raid cannot be accessed by the players. The Shattered Throne Dungeon will be unavailable to you. The Shadowkeep will also be unavailable.

What class should you play when you start playing Destiny 2: New Light?

The game is played in 3 different classes and a single player gets the opportunity to be in any of the 3 classes. You can play all three classes but the chances are that you will spend a majority of the time playing just one class. So, you need to be really particular about opting for the right class for yourself. The Warlock is the classic space wizard. In this class, you will be able to support your team through healing rifts. 

The Hunger is the precision class. It is excellent for one-to-one combats. The Hunter’s abilities involve calling an instant-flying fiery gun, using the electrified shooting outfit, etc. The Titan is the tank class. The Titans’ best weapons are shields, hammers, etc. The super will allow you to throw explosive hammers. You will also be able to smash into combat and defeat your enemies.

How do I start the game?

There are a lot of activities involved in Destiny 2. There are also thousands of currencies involved and a huge variety of mechanics. The game can be quite overwhelming for beginners. The new light mansion is the perfect place to start the game. You will be performing several tasks around the space. You will also get to speak to different vendors. Here, you will have a lot of goals and challenges. The new player should also become familiar with the pause screen. This screen contains maps, destinations, and quests. You must check the screen regularly to see what exactly your next goal is. Once you have succeeded in clearing the towers tasks, you will have to visit Earth and level up your power. Otherwise, you will have to fight the aliens.

The crucible:

The crucible is where the players fight against one another for rewards and glory. There are a huge variety of modes that you can play. The best mode for the new players is the control. Control is quite a simplified mode where you just need to capture new territories and kill enemies in order to score a point. This mode requires a perfect blend of skills and objectives. You can easily play the game with your teammates and capture control points or you can go on your own and hunt down your points.

There are a huge variety of other competitive crucible modes where the experienced players play against one another in intense gaming mode. It is a very good idea to spend a considerable amount of time collecting top-tier weapons and getting accustomed to how Destiny 2: New Light works. The game might appear to be a bit overwhelming at first but once you get to know all the mechanics, you will have a great time playing the game with your friends

Special weapons:

There are three different types of ammo weapons available which are white ammo weapons, green ammo weapons and purple ammo weapons. Special weapons and primary weapons can go in the first two slots depending on whether they are Kinetic or Energy. The game will allow you to get two special weapons or two primary weapons if you want to.

And this is how Destiny 2: New Light is played. As you can see, it is a very interesting game and can save you from getting bored at any time. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our beginner’s guide. In case you have got anything to add about the game Destiny 2: New Light, you can share it with us.


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