Disadvantages of Technology and How to Deal With Them

disadvantages of technology
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The term technology is a fusion of 2 Greek words, ‘techne’ meaning skills, craft or art, and ‘logos’ signify to speak off. Here, we will discuss the disadvantages of technology, but let us dig deeper before we get there. Technology is the process, method, or skills used to attain some desired goals. People use technology in various fields:

  • To process goods, services
  • Carry out their goals like arranging for a spaceship to the moon or scientific investigation
  • Solve multiple problems like famine and disease.

Technology gives you knowledge about how to do things accurately. The purest form of technology is the utilization of essential tools and development.

Digital technology has made our life easier by introducing gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Digital technology has wholly transformed almost all the facet in humankind in the recent decade. Shopping, music, office work, television, movies, transport, photography, travel, long-distance communication are few of the areas that have been transformed in these few years.

Disadvantages Of Technology

However, There Are Some Downsides To Digital Technology Too. Few Of Them Are Listed Below:

Data security

Data security is the most common and problematic disadvantages of technology. It is far from an ideal procedure for preserving privacy in this digital, and a perfect mechanism doesn’t exist. Information security is non-selective as it applies to a club or a small business in the same manner as it appeals to a global conglomerate. It has a shortage of definitions, thereby making it technologically unbiased, but is also tough to enforce. Data networks are present worldwide, but data security is local.

Digitals technology indicates you may store a large quantity of essential or casual information in the device. It may be private data concerning any or organization or even individuals. So it turns out to be very difficult to keep the data safe and secured as a single breach can lead to colossal leakage of informative data in the hands of terrorists, criminals, malign entities, and foreign enemies.

Terrorism and crime

The internet is the fertile territory for various hostile groups to operate and work. Thanks to the universal essence, relative and substantial scale anonymity, which the users may enjoy. A few examples are:

  • Drug dealers utilizing the dark web in various commercial transactions;
  • Pedophiles are operating chat rooms and other sites to exchange videos, photos, and other data;
  • Terrorists are exploiting social media to encourage others and promote themselves and autocratic regimes trying to distort or sway elections in the democratic countries.

Technology is escalating at an exponential fare, and despite law imposition best attempt, cybercrime increases unabated. Cyber terrorism’s harmful effects on the economy create damages to the website. It may also influence National security. Cyber terrorism varies from ugly hacking to various computer viruses leading to terror war using computers. Cyber terrorism is one of the crucial disadvantages of technology. It may have devastating effects on a nation as the condemning infrastructure resume to become further reliant on the internet and computer network for further operation.


It has become difficult to interpret the machines and devices that we interrelate with regularly. Fixing and establishing a car means the involvement of computers, and is no longer just mechanical. The use of mobiles and phones involves handling all kinds of complicated settings. Slight glitches and defects in laptops and machines can cost both expense and time. One of the disadvantages of technology is its complexity. It can be valued in three distinct sub dynamics:

  • Initially, there is a correlation in the selection procedure in the market,
  • The former age group of disparity down the time axis,
  • The desire to sway the adaption mechanism in both the public and private domains.

The varied ways of conceptual consideration unlatch window of cherished and admiration on to this complex dynamics. The primary factor of or among others, entrepreneurs and engineers, can additionally be expanded to specialized discourses. These studies on technology are no longer rightly linked to the regular use of technologies. Indirectly they work on the efficacy of techniques for the sustainability of organizations.

Privacy concerns

It has become challenging to maintain site privacy in this digital world. There may be problems with selling or stealing your data to others. For example, everyone can take video footage and photos on their mobile phones and post them on social media. Employers can look for people in such social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and find unflattering photos, or perceive them expressing controversial opinions in blogs and social media. Minor recklessness can now manifest an individual for existence when they’re shared on the internet. Managing your data is very tough and is impossible at times. Facebook, one of the most common, doesn’t provide much privacy preservation to its users. It keeps a look at the users and discerns what content they put up on their profiles and also what delights them.

Facebook then shares that information with various advertisers. These advertisers, in turn, earmark those users and share their posts in their profile to seek more attention. Some more negative aspects of the internet and privacy include spamming, virus threats, and theft of distinctive information. When you put your data online, your name, your address, credit card number, there arises a risk of usage of this information by other individuals or concerns. Virus threats not only attack your data but also cause severe threats to your computer.

Social Disconnect

There is a growing tendency for humanity to communicate and socialize via digital media rather than by real-life correspondence, which may lead to a feeling of isolation and disconnection. Humankind has developed over thousands of years to possess good contact, and taking this away from people turns out to be a horrible idea. Studies have revealed that the absence of in-person contact causes various mental illnesses and depression in people.

Few examples include work stress due to information overload; online bullying and dependence on social media are the main reasons behind social disconnection. Studies have also proposed that depending on technology for details may lead people to overlook chances to develop a fondness of social connection. Few participants were asked to find and original building and simultaneously assigned them to bring out solutions to their regular problems with or without smartphones. In comparison to the individuals who couldn’t depend on technology, people who took the help of their smartphones found that building effortlessly, thereby concluding less socially attached.

Work overload

Most of the modern employers devote their time endeavoring to keep up with thousands of emails sent every week, all of which need reading, and few of them require action and replies. Messages from colleagues from at weekends or in the evening may mean people not for a moment miss their duty. Assembling the massive amount of digital information obtained in few jobs like reports, photographs, training videos, and minutes of the congregation can also be a big issue. There is an excess load of work that was a considerable obstacle to a better presentation.

The most important reason for people functioning harder is superior technology, namely smartphones. Technological, business and economic factors are such as shortage of skills, low unemployment, and downsizing force many workers to remain in their hot seat to stay at the peak of their work overload, creating stress in them. Technology has conquered both home and work, thereby making people more stressed in their work lives. Most of the workers expect that they’ll have to learn the tools on their own, and are unable to do so then might get replaced from their job which creates a sense of insecurity and anxiety putting even considerable compulsion on the workers

Digital media operation

Digital media, including audio, video, and photographs, are easy to revise, making the handling of media extensive. It is difficult to say what fraud is and what is factual anymore. Images can be changed using editing tools like Photoshop and other apps. Digital video and audio can be doctored. Documents that recall high arousal sensations such as anger, anxiety, or awe are more viral. It can also clasp when interestingness, usefulness, and surprisingness is laying hold of consideration.

Job insecurity

It was previously imperative to be physically present to perform any work or task at the workplace and do their job, but now with the introduction of the internet, the employee can do their duty from anywhere they want. The physical absence means a 3rd world employee in a low stipend economy may undermine you and take away your job. Additionally, human beings aren’t required at all for various tasks, as laptops and computers are slowly replacing them. Driving jobs are also decreasing as most of the people prefer their vehicles to be self-driven. Those people who have less knowledge or idea on devices face more insecurity about their jobs. Perception of present job insecurity impacts future estimation of work sustainability and position.

Copyright and plagiarism

Digital media is straightforward to reproduce and copy. Copyright statutes are progressively very tough to impose, as the movie and music industries have uncovered the cost. Schools student’s copy-paste their homework, projects without acquiring any knowledge. Non-critical or intentional copying or plagiarism of work and introduce it as their work is standard in educational institutes and research institutes.

Fake personas and anonymity

Digital technology issues extensive opportunities for people to conceal their identity. Studies and researches have shown that people more likely act anti-social if they think there’ll be no sequels. Stalking, trolling, insulting behavior, threatening, and bullying have increased gradually with the increased use of the internet. People presume fake character and identity to defraud and scam. Pedophiles use imitated personas to befriend and gain access to children.

Over-Dependence On Gadgets

Dependence on computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices is one of the major disadvantages of technology. People keep photographs, text, personal information, and contact information on their mobile phones. If they misplace them or the gadget runs out of capacity or breaks, they might face problems. Primary surviving expertise finds out your way all over the streets of the conurbation are restored by following the direction as in the GPS. Addiction in computer gaming can cause severe and multiple issues o users trapped in it. Consequences may include adverse outcomes on social life, academic achievement, health, and emotional problems, sleep pattern, and financial problems.


Computer games, dating websites, messaging, and social media can be very addictive for people. The game wants people to play them more and more so that people go on or continue with their next version. Websites wish people to interact and communicate, which becomes a medium of advertising, thereby earning a tremendous amount of money. Thus users wind up wasting extended time and expel money for little return.

Storage And Organization

Digital media is adamant about organizing. Music and photos, for instance, can be discovered on many devices like tablets, mobile phones, portable hard drives, and laptops. Individual objects are easy to fortuitously lose or delete, tools stored can be stolen lost or may tolerate catastrophic malfunction and are usually difficult to find. Further, digital media are hard to maintain and save for the long term. File formats also change over time. In some cases, the traditional media might work longer than digital equivalent.

Second-Hand Livelihood

Most of the people no longer encounter certain life occasions directly. People use cameras and smartphones to capture live shows and music concerts. Smartphones also help in recording audios and click photographs to preserve them in the devices for the longer term. These media circulate over various social media sites. Life has become something experienced via the prism of electronic sources rather than personally.

Depersonalized Warfare

Digital automation means utilizing and installing weapons anywhere in the universe without human armed forces. It can be one of the disadvantages of technology that increases with time. Drones turn out war into amusement and computer games. Intercontinental projectile follows landmarks and streets in abroad remotely. Satellites video ad photographs from space. The thought of futurists does not always complement the adventure of military personnel; however, the battleground hereafter will support little similarity to the present warzones.

Disadvantages of technology – ending note

Digital technology has fundamentally converted almost every face of existence in recent years, including entertainment, workplace, banking shopping, travel, and communication. Due to digital technology, people are becoming dumb. Since humans are not constructing memory muscles, smartphones, and appliances are generating a reliance that is inimical to human beings in the long run.

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