Editor Guide: Converting Your PDF Files For Free Using PDFBear!

It’s a crucial activity to transform specific PDF files in order to match a particular document’s specification. Transforming a file is usually used by working professionals and almost all students to finish a project or a certain work. But, turning PDF files is sometimes confusing and challenging, especially if you’re not working with the right tool. This editor guide for converting files using PDFBear will be fruitful for you.

It’s a good thing, PDFBear is always the best option. This specific converter tool is considered one of the most reliable tools for every PDF file that is required for your project, and it’s perfect for turning any document into various file formats. It offers multiple incredible tools and features that will undoubtedly be convenient for your PDF files. 

PDFBear As A Remarkable Tool For Converting Documents

PDF means Portable Document Format or usually known as PDF. A PDF file is as important as any other type of documents. Its number one purpose is to serve files between various operating systems and devices. It’s easier to read, scan, and print out of a PDF file. In the old days, it was a struggle to share files across various computer platforms.

Because of that, designing a file format that can sustain fixed formatting was extremely required. Even though a PDF file is used all over the world, turning a PDF file into a specific type of file format was another vulgar challenge. PDFBear provides the ability to convert PDF to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, PDFA, and one of the most used, Excel to PDF

One great thing about PDFBear is users can also convert the other way around. Plus, individuals can also do Splitting, Merging, Compressing, Repair corrupted files, putting a password on their documents, Unlock protected PDF files, and many more. This web-based tool is for free. People of any age can surely use PDFBear.

The idea of transforming using this website is performed with four simple steps only. The first thing to do is to go to PDFBear’s website and select the tool that you need to use. After that, upload and drag the desired file into the toolbox. PDFBear will instantly start that process and do the alterations before saving it to your computer. Here are three of its tools. 

Excel to PDF

It’s essential to have your Excel Spreadsheets transformed into a PDF file before sending it to your colleagues or friends. You can easily turn your Excel file with PDFBear if you do not like your precious works to be illegally opened and altered by someone or accidentally. 

PDFBears offers a serviceable Excel to PDF converter free of charge. By transforming through this website, individuals will avoid any worry, and can save time and hassle. There is no need for any knowledge and skills as this specific converter is built-in and designed in a streamlined manner. Anyone can use PDFBear and explore it without any inconvenience.


It’s required to know and learn what particular tools and features to operate and what happens whenever you try to convert specific files. For instance, assuming you need to modify a text within a form. In this case, you must always consider not extracting the original format after the conversion to JPG and then save it in the PDF format. 

Using PDFBear, turning a PDF to JPG is easy. First, upload the PDF file into the designated toolbox. The server will immediately scan the file and click “Convert.” Once done, please patiently wait for the process to finish before downloading or sending it to your friends or colleagues. 

Word to PDF

A Word file is not new to most people as it is famous among working professionals and students. It’s usually the standard file format they utilize to compose and write important and treasured articles, researches, letters, projects, and much more. And often, these forms need to be converted into a PDF format.

As stated, it’ll be easier and quicker to read and scan a specific document when converted into a PDF, and performing the Word to PDF converter tool of PDFBear is the best choice. To do so, upload the file from your computer into their toolbox. PDFBear will begin the converting process, and please wait for a moment before saving it into your device.


PDFBear is an all-in-one converter tool for each of your document-related needs. It’s the ultimate tool that is free and straightforward to access. It will surely help your work to be lighter and quicker to do and finish. 


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