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Esports Major Betting Strategies

In recent years, esports has experienced a significant surge in popularity, thanks to games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Mobile Legends, and Dota 2, which offer ample gambling opportunities throughout the year. With the anticipation of a continued increase in both esports enthusiasts and occasional viewers, now is an opportune moment to familiarize yourself with how to bet on esports.

What is Esports Betting?

Esports betting involves placing wagers on competitive video gaming events. It transcends mere entertainment, evolving into a flourishing industry where you predict outcomes in esports matches and tournaments.

Why Bet on Esports?

The rising popularity of esports on a global scale, coupled with an ever-expanding array of gaming titles, has transformed esports betting into an attractive option for bettors. The unique dynamics and excitement inherent in esports provide a fertile ground for strategic and engaging betting experiences.

Understanding Esports Betting Markets

Types of Esports Bets

The following are some of the most popular esports markets available on Betway and other leading esports betting platforms:

Match Winner: Wagering on the team or player to win a specific match.

Handicap Betting: Placing bets with handicaps to level the playing field, especially when there’s a clear favorite.

Over/Under (Total Maps/Rounds): Predicting whether the total number of maps or rounds played will surpass or stay under a specified number.

Prop Bets (Player-Specific Bets): Betting on individual player performances, such as the number of kills or assists.

Esports betting opens up diverse avenues, allowing you to engage with the competitive gaming scene in a dynamic and strategic manner.

Before diving into esports gambling, it’s crucial to take some preparatory steps. Here are some tips to get everything ready:

Conduct Thorough Research

Gather essential information for making informed esports bets. Research the game, teams, and the event. Play the games to understand mechanics and follow tournaments through official channels like Twitch and YouTube.

Find an Online Sportsbook

Opt for online sportsbooks for convenient esports betting. Check expert reviews to compare sites and find a reliable platform. Explore offerings from top offshore sportsbooks, ensuring comprehensive coverage for major events. Betway is one of the reputable esports betting platforms, where you can bet via the app or the web.

Understand Betting Options

Learn about various betting options available for esports, which can vary by game. Look into ongoing tournaments to familiarize yourself with odds and explore prop bets, such as the first team to kill Roshan in Dota 2 or the number of kills in the first pistol round in CS 2.

Set a Budget

Establish a responsible gambling budget to avoid financial issues. Start with a small amount for practice and allocate funds you can afford to lose. Consider setting a budget for a specific period or tournament, adjusting bet sizes based on odds and risk.

Claim Bonuses

Take advantage of online sportsbook bonuses to boost your bankroll. Register on a site, make an initial deposit using the provided promo code, and explore additional promotions like reload bonuses. Utilizing bonuses provides extra funds for more bets and increased flexibility.

By following these steps, you can approach esports betting with preparedness and responsibility. Consistency, diligent research, and responsible betting practices serve as your steadfast allies in the quest for profitable esports wagers. Embrace the excitement, savor your victories, and glean valuable lessons from your setbacks as you navigate the exhilarating adventure of esports betting.

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