Fish Oil Benefits – When and How to Take Fish Oil?

fish oil benefits

Fish oil usage is not new. The preliminary usage of fish oil dates back to the 18th century. Fish oils are extremely important in human nutrition. Fish oil contains two major biochemical components — eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Today the major importance of fish oil is traced in curing cardiovascular diseases.

Nevertheless, fish oil benefits are many especially for the eyes, hair and skin and indispensable for the joints. Fish oil helps to boost the immunity of individuals and is also known to have a positive impact on growth and development. Fish oil in the form of capsules, dietary supplements are very common. The introduction of fish oil in pharmaceutical or clinical products and functional foods is gaining substantial popularity recently.

Discovery of the role of fish oil for Humans

The world did not know much about the individual fish oil benefits until the 1900s. during this era, many physiologists and doctors came across a certain fact which practically revolutionized the concept of fish oils. The major population of countries like japan obtained their staple carbohydrates and fat from fish-derived products. Still, they were observed to have a very low incident of cardiovascular diseases or myocardial infarction rates.

This drew considerable attention from cardiologists all across the globe. In the year 1970, two Danish physicians were the first people who spotted the light on the physiological benefits of fish oil. They conducted massive research and concluded about the potential of fish oil in improving the status of human health. Though their research area was the direct correlation of fish oil with cardiovascular health, yet it illuminated many other health benefits of the former.

Recognition of the benefits of fish oil

This century was associated with a lot of advancements in the field of low-fat diet formulas. During these years, the doctors were coming up with the concepts of good and bad fat for health and the zero fat diet plans were in trend. People were crazily adopting modified diet plans for reducing their body weight and attaining a healthier body constitution

. Cardiovascular patients especially the high age group were also suggested to resort to healthy diet plans instead of taking more medicine. Not to the surprise, there was a concurrent craze of low-fat intake during this era. It was at this time, considerable research and laboratory experiments on fish oil benefits were carried out. Scientists discovered that fish oil was a potent source of good fat.

A huge population who were the so-called diet conscious people quickly adapted the intake of fish oil to meet their fat demands. People started the consumption of natural fish oils instead of consuming artificial fats like margarine.

In the initial years, the fish oils were called the miracle pills for the multi-variant positive effects that they exerted on the health of individuals. Obtaining healthy oil and physiologically beneficial fat from fish liver oil actually caused a renaissance in the eating habits and paved a way for shifting paradigms in diet trends and practices.

Fish oil components revealed

Fish oil is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). The major constituents of fish oil PUFA are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They have a hugely positive effect on various dimensions of health and well-being. The inherent association of fish liver oil and cardiovascular well-being is a potent and mammoth topic of research, much of which has been discovered and the greater proportion still lies undermined.

A large number of diseases have PUFA as a remedy such as Cystic fibrosis, dry eye disease, cognitive function disorder, attention deficit or rheumatoid arthritis. The constituents of fish oil are all precursors to a particular biochemical product that is eicosanoid. These are widely known to decrease inflammation in the body and improve conditions of hypertriglyceridemia in the body.

Fish oil benefits for other clinical conditions like clinical depression and anxiety are also well established. They are known to act as brakes or stopping gates for cancer and most importantly cardiac death.

Source of Fish Oil

Large predator fishes like shark, swordfish or tuna are rich in fish oil content. But they have another inherent problem. These are prey fishes, which indicates that they are at the topmost position of the food chain as well as feed on smaller fishes. This increases their chances of accumulating a lot of toxins in their bodies, the effects of which are exaggerated due to biomagnification. Consumption of fish oil from such fishes though provides a large content of the oil yet can also give rise to potential toxicity.

Therefore, fish oil from such species are not recommended and even banned by the government of countries like the USA. Instead the fish oil from relatively smaller marine and freshwater fishes such as herring, sardine, salmon are more beneficial and less toxic. Each of these fishes has varying content of fish oils in them.

There has been a gigantic amount of research on the fish oil benefits over human health. Firstly, the consumption of fish oil is highly recommended in three physiological distress conditions—cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and hypertriglyceridemia. All these conditions can be improved by taking in fish oils. Apart from the usage of fish oil as supplements, their extensive use in pharmacological products for the above-mentioned diseases is noteworthy.

They are effective substitutes for bad fats like butter, margarine, and artificial high carb food. The omega 3 fatty acid which is the major component of fish oil is extremely good in promoting the biosynthesis of good cholesterol in the body. Fish oil consumption also brings the arrythmia of the heart into proper order and sets the rhythm correct.


Fish oil supplements are great for Alzheimer’s disease and also facilitates a lot of other mental problems. Increased consumption of fish liver oil in a huge excess of the recommended fish oil dosage can highly elevate the chance of hemorrhagic bleeding. Psoriasis is another disease where fish oil proves to be extremely effective.

Pregnant or lactating women can also consume fish liver oil in recommended doses. It greatly helps in the neurodevelopment of the in-utero fetus. It also induces an extra added factor of immunity in the fetus which continues up to the adolescent phase.  Fish oil is a greatly marketed supplement.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Fish oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This was probably the very first known function of fish oils and it applies the same way to men. The long-chain fatty acids which are present in fish oils are extremely good for reducing the chances of cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction.

Consumption of fish oils in the form of capsules, supplements and other forms diminishes the chances of cardiac arrhythmias. So men who consume fish oil have a smiling heart throughout. There are multiple cardiac disturbances that set on with the advancement in the age of individuals. Fish oil can delay the onset of such derogatory symptoms.

Therefore, for better heart health fish oil is indeed miraculous. Sudden death due to unapprehensive heart attacks is a major cause of death in men. Ample amount of omega 3 fatty acid can really be good for the health of the heart. Fish oil benefits for men

Cure your acne with fish oil

Fish oils can be extremely good at curing acne. Acnes are really irritating and can spoil the entire look of the face. Acnes can be really painful and infectious at times. Fish oil has anti inflammatory properties and cures acne miraculously. The lipids that are good for health contain fish oil at the top of the list. So have a clear and clean face with diminishes incidences of acne, by the intake of fish oils

Elevated brain activities

Fish oils are also great for your brain health. Neuronal health and cognitive abilities are greatly affected positively with the intake of fish oil. The lipids that make up fish oil helps to keep anxiety and stress away. Apart from that the consumption of fish oil also slows the aging process. diseases like Alzheimer’s or attention deficit syndromes can be kept miles away if fish oil is administered on a daily basis. Fish oil also enhances the circulatory blood flow to the brain. With the increased blood flow, the brain cells also receive greater nutrition, and oxygen, which helps in better brain functioning.

Particular fish oil benefits for Men

Though fish oil is consumable for all, yet it holds special importance for men. Dietary supplements designed exclusively for men often contain high proportions of fish oil in it. Physicians often say that men who wish to live longer must take fish oil. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which is a great component for DHA. DHA has particular roles in the development of the brain and testes.

Greatly beneficial for male reproductive functions

Fish oil is an excellent natural supplement for healthy reproductive function in human males. The omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil, helps to maintain a healthy seminal fluid balance and consistency.

The seminal fluid is extremely essential for maintaining a suitable environment for the sperms. It is highly important for giving the fluidity to the sperms to carry out their normal swimming movement. The proper fluidity and motility of the sperms are essential for the function of the sperms.

Moreover, the DHA which comes from fish oil helps to develop an acrosome that is the covering of the sperm head. This acrosome has special importance physiologically as it contains the enzymes for the penetration of the egg by the sperm. So, by now it must be evident that fish oil is extremely helpful to promote proper fusion of sperm and egg and formation of the zygote.

Boosts the testosterone

Testosterone is the most prominent androgen or male hormone. All the typical male features ranging from aggression to libido to the extensive muscle mass associated with the male body are all results of testosterone.

The proper testosterone balance in the body not only helps to maintain proper reproductive functions but also synchronizes a lot of other body functions in males. A large proportion of psychological balance and well being in males is also a result of testosterone.

Fish oil components are the essential and primary building blocks of testosterone. It also helps you to keep confident and happy. Hence, fish oil benefits for men are applicable in the psychological domain as well.

Interesting sex life

The male performance on the bed and satisfying sex life can be also the perks of consuming fish oil. Fatty acids from fish liver oil is great for improving the blood circulation and lubrication of the genital organs. Therefore, the improved blood flow also helps in a better erection. The greater lubrication helps in easy penetration. Therefore, if you really want something interesting happening at your bed, then do try out having fish oil.

Fish oil dosage

The importance of fish oil benefits have been described above with great details. But as we know that even elixir in unlimited quantity is harmful, so is fish oil. Fish oil if taken in higher doses (more than recommended value) can cause bleeding and a lot of other problems.

Generally, 3000 mg of fish oil dosage can be taken daily by adults. This is the recommended safe dosage for any adult. The prescribed doses might vary from individual to individual. Other pathological conditions prevalent in an individual should always be taken into consideration while planning the doses of fish oil.

When to take fish oil?

Most people consume fish oil in the form of supplement capsules. Fish oil is definitely available naturally, but it is not very easy to get its access on a daily basis. Therefore, synchronized and orderly consumption is only possible in the supplement form. You can intake the fish oil supplement during any time period of the day. however, it will be better if you take it with a meal because taking any supplement in the empty stomach can induce a vomiting sensation.


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