Golf Themed Parties

Parties are fun events and are the right places to unwind, mingle with friends while making new friends, especially in themed parties where the guests share something in common. If you want to get a helping hand from professional creative writers, visit this website. Most golf-themed parties go down at the host’s home, at the local golf clubs, or the nearby golf course. In this blog, you will know everything about Golf Themed Parties.

Icebreaker Games for Golf-Themed Parties

It is essential to select exciting games to keep guests entertained. Examples are;

  • How Many Tees. Fill a jar with tees and make the guests guess the number of tees in the pot. Recording the guest’s guesses is vital since this game is best when guests start arriving at the venue. Count the number of tees as you place them in the jar beforehand. The guest with the correct or closest to the correct answer wins a prize.
  • Match-Up. Another icebreaker where the hosts print pictures of famous golfers and display them where all guests can see them. Give the image an identity in the form of a letter or a number, Make a list of the golfer’s names and print it out for each guest. Matching the names with the golfer’s pictures number or letter will determine the winner. Whoever matches most names, becomes the ultimate winner.
  • Miss and Suffer. Truth or dare is a prevalent and exciting game and similar to its rules, miss, and suffers a golfer’s game where the players get points by getting the most shots in the hole. For every miss, a player suffers consequences set by the host or by the players themselves. Each player gets three shots in a single round. Apart from the hilarious repercussions, players can opt to drop whoever misses the most shots, repeat this until you get an ultimate winner.
  • Pro Chip Island Golf. An excellent activity for both adults and children it combines both golf and pool fun. The 18 hole target has 12 balls in 4 different colors; red, blue, yellow, and orange, a chipping green pad used by players to chip their balls and an 18th hole flag. The target floats on the pool, and players chip their balls from around the swimming pool.
  • Putt-Putt Bowling

A fun game to play, requires golf tees, one or two golf balls, and a putter. The tees act like the bowling pins, and the golf balls perform as the bowling ball. The putter helps in arranging the tees before striking. Apart from the tees, it is possible to get a miniature bowling game set. 

  • Putter Pool. A combination of both golf and the game of pool. It is both an indoors or outdoors game, and the set comes several suggested games. It is also possible to create a putting on the backyard using an array of household objects to make the course exciting and create obstacles. 
  • The Worst-Case Scenario-Survival Golf. Experience golf frustratingly and hilariously in the worst-case. Players choose their putter, and they get assigned dreadful golf predicaments and three probable ways to get out of the pickles. Picking the correct solution gives one the freedom to make their putt. A wrong one lands them on a hilarious consequence. The game keeps one on their toes, and anyone can win or hold the last position no matter how it starts.

Most of the games mentioned above are for adults. It may leave kids feeling out of place in case there is any at the party. 

1. You need to set up a station where kids can be creative by decorating golf balls with googly eyes, fabric, markers, and other child-friendly materials but cool to indulge. 

2. Balls treasure hunting. It requires sand in a box and balls. Place the balls in the sand and let the kids reveal the balls. The kid with most balls is the winner.

3. Setting up a target where kids aim at using balls and the kid who hits the target gets the point.

4. Letting children set up their course.


Planning parties can be pretty hard, but hosting one is even harder because entertaining the guests is the main challenge. When planning a themed party, it is vital to keep your guests, both adults and kids entertained with icebreaker games related to the party’s theme.

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