Grandstream IP phones 101: Setup And Uses

Grandstream IP phones
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The use of internet protocol (IP) telephony has become pervasive to businesses because of its wider reach and cost-cutting functions. As such, Grandstream has become one of the main providers of IP phones due to its intuitive design, updated features, and durability. Best of all, the prices of its phones are easy on the pocket.  

With its user-friendly design, Grandstream digital phone systems are easy to assemble and use. If you need further help in setting up your unit, check out this guide.  

First things first. Upon unboxing, your Grandstream IP phone package should contain the following parts:  

  • Handset 
  • Multimedia Phone Base 
  • Phone Cord 
  • Universal Power Supply 
  • Ethernet Cable 
  • Phone Stand 
  • Headset Dongle 
  • Quick Start Guide  

IP telephony allows one to use the Internet to make digital voice and video calls. Generally speaking, the caller has a headset with a microphone, which picks up the speaker’s voice and converts it to digital information that’s sent over to the receiver through the use of the Internet. The receiver accepts the call with the use of a computer, a fixed phone line of a mobile phone.    

Carefully assemble the items together to start using the Grandstream IP phone. Additionally, you can do these things:  

  1. Start with the phone base and stand, as well as the handset and phone cord. The phone can be placed on your table or mounted on your wall. If you’re placing the phone on your wall, you don’t need to place the phone stand.    
  2. After putting together the unit, plug the power cord into the power supply. You will see the screen light up.  
  3. Connect to the Internet by plugging in the ethernet cable from the source to your phone’s network port, located at the back of the phone and the other end to an active network connection. Plug in the longer end of the handset cord to the back of the phone and the other end to the handset. Phone cords are typically thinner than ethernet cables. 
  4. A small blue icon will appear on the upper right-hand corner of the LCD screen to indicate that the internet connection is functional.  
  5. If the icon is orange, that means the connection has failed.   
  6. To check, remove the ethernet cable and reconnect properly.  
  7. Network connection failure happens when either the network cable is not properly connected or you used another cable that may not be compatible with your Grandstream IP phone. To prevent this from happening, always use the cable that’s in the package. 

Setting up your Grandstream IP phone via its LCD screen  

IP phones have screens that display the status of the unit. You can likewise use the phone screen and keyboard to set up your unit prior to use.   

How to check whether your Grandstream IP phone is connected to the network  

  • Check the LCD screen display. However, take note that it may take time for your phone to be updated. 
  • A more reliable way to check is to access it by doing the following on your screen: Select [MENU]→[Info]→[Network]. 

How to check your Grandstream IP phone’s audio function  

  • Select [MENU]→[Settings]→[Maintenance] →[Factory Functions] →[Audio Loopback], press Start.  
  • Speak into the handset. If you can hear your voice, that means the unit is functional.     
  •  Press MENU or F4 to stop the audio diagnostic process. 

How to check video quality on your Grandstream IP phone 

  • While the phone is idle, press the camera loopback button to see yourself on the LCD screen. The camera is functional if the image you see is clear and centered. 
  • If the displayed image is not centered, adjust the camera angle by using the wheel at the back of the camera.  
  • You can activate the video diagnostic process by selecting [MENU]→[Settings]→[Maintenance] →[Factory Functions], and pressing Start.  
  • To stop the video diagnostic process, you can press the loopback button or any other button. 

Setting up your Grandstream IP phone via your internet browser  

The instructions above mostly apply to the more advanced Grandstream GX3000 IP phone series. Older models may be more convenient using your computer. Check these tips out: 

8. Find your phone’s IP address by clicking on the “UP” arrow button.  

9. Log on to the phone’s web interface by opening a browser that’s connected to the same network as your phone. Enter your phone’s IP address to redirect you to the log-in page. Note that the standard username and password are set to “admin.” If not, check the box or the bottom of your phone unit.    

10. Set up your account by looking at the top-menu of the log-in page by clicking these buttons:  

Accounts -> Account 1 -> General Settings 

Enter the correct information for these points: 

  • Account Active (YES) 
  • Account Name: Your Name 
  • SIP Server: Enter your server name 
  • SIP User ID: The user’s username 
  • Authenticate ID: The user’s username 
  • Authenticate Password: The user’s password 
  • Name: Your full name 
  • Voice Mail UserID: Your Extension 
  • Click “Save and Apply” on your browser. 
  1.  Enter network settings by going to the page’s top-menu and clicking on the following: Accounts -> Account 1 -> Network Settings. When the “NAT Traversal” Settings appear, choose Auto. Click “Save and Apply.”
  2. Set Presence by going to the top menu of the page and clicking: Settings -> Programmable Keys. Scroll down to the section “Multi-Purpose Keys.” For each of the other users on your account, do the following: 
  • Change “Mode” to “Busy Lamp Field (BLF).” 
  • Set “Description” to the username of the user you want to display. Usernames are case-sensitive, so make sure you type the uppercase and lowercase letter appropriately. 
  • Set “Value” to the username of the user you want to display. 
  • Click on “Save and Apply.” 

Seek the services of voice & data technology solutions providers such as NTS Direct if these instructions fail to fix your technical issue(s).

Main Uses of Grandstream IP Phones 

These IP phones are valuable to your business operations, such as: 

  • Telemarketing and Telesales 
  • Internal Office Communications   
  • Enhancing Customer Service 
  • Overseas Office Communication 
  • International Operations  

Final Thoughts 

IP phones are essential in business processes in that it allows you to expand your reach globally. These communication devices remove most of the stumbling blocks to your business expansion.    


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