How Can a Student Start the Freelance Career? Learn How to Write About Video Games!

Write About Video Games
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Being a student is nowadays almost antonymous with the state of being rich. Well, it has always been so. Nonetheless, it should be acknowledged that the students of the 21st century are granted many more chances to earn some money. Some twenty years ago, college students could have only dreamt of getting employed as waitresses and waiters or getting some hackneyed, easy-to-perform, low-paid jobs. Today, every student who has a laptop and a connection to the Internet can become a well-paid person. What is more, the students capable of writing great articles can eventually pay for their tuition. Indeed, if the student learns how to write reviews about video games can become a truly lucrative incentive, and this article will tell you how you might get started on it.

The World of Freelance is Waiting

There is one thing that every student, regardless of the major that he or she is studying, must understand: the world of work is gradually moving towards the Internet. Modern employers do not care about whether you sit in the office or across the globe. Everything they are interested in is whether the job will be finished by the deadline provided.

So, the first step for you to embark upon is not to be afraid of the world of freelance jobs, which is nowadays capturing the world of employment at rocket speed.

Become Fond of Gaming

Regardless of how obvious it might sound, but to become a video games reviewer, you have to gain at least a basic understanding of the process of game creation. That is, your readers – probably keen gamers – will not find it interesting to read the articles that will tell them nothing new about the game that you will be reviewing.

If you fear that the need for learning the principles of video games creation will take a lot of time and will deprive you of the possibility to write your college essays, you can always ask someone on the Internet to do it for you, simply by filling in your search engine with the straightforward request – write my essay for me. There is a lot of professional writers waiting online to help you write a decent video games review. Remember, the doors will never open if you do not knock on them.

Get Your Portfolio Ready

One of the most important things you should care about as a young and up-and-coming author is the portfolio. Every employer would like to see a couple of articles written by you before he or she would even start considering cooperation with you as an option.

No worries here, as you can always turn for help from professionals who truly know how to write the best reviews in the world. For example, you can order a sample game review from a professional writing service, such as Essay Yoda, and get this burden off your shoulders.

Of course, you might question the propriety of such an action, saying that you will have to write your own articles one day. That is correct! You have to order a sample review so you could have a brilliant example to follow and write your own reviews with incredible structure and content.

Search for an Employer

Once you get done with the portfolio, the time has come, my friend, to search for an employer. At the end of the day, someone has to pay for the brilliance of your eloquence, masterfully incorporated into instructive, captivating, and interesting sentences. By the way, here comes a resource with a list of the best employers and platforms that you might fancy contacting when it comes to earning money while writing video game reviews.

One of the best freelance writers in the world, the one and only Jenn BiBi, who works for the online writing service, claims that “Being a good writer is not enough to make a living, you have to be a good writer who knows how to come into the market and make the employers ‘fight’ for you.” You have to be able to make a brilliant first impression of yourself and then embark upon enhancing it with every single article you write. Thus, finding a good employer would be great for you.

The Video Games Reviews Must-Have Points

Every video game reviewer gets a free copy of the game, so he or she could play it; otherwise, how could they write a complete and powerful review about it, right? This is, actually, one of the biggest perks of being a video-game reviewer. If you want to know more about how pleasant is the life of those who write video game reviews to make a living, here is an article that you might enjoy reading.

Now let’s get back to the compulsory points for you to mention when writing a video game review. As a matter of fact, it would be incredible if you developed a habit of writing things down right in the process of playing. Then, as you proceed with playing, make sure that you answer each of the questions provided below:

  • Is there any specific element or a feature in the game that stands out and makes the game special?
  • Is the game working smoothly? Are there any technological drawbacks?
  • Have you been able to detect any glaring problems?
  • What are the unique features of the game? That is, what makes it worth buying it?
  • What elements or parts of the game have you been the most excited about?
  • What elements or parts of the game have bored you the most?
  • How could you classify the game within the circle of its competitors?

For example, if you were to write a review for the last part of a worldwide famous sports simulator, FIFA 20, you have had to mention that it now has a unique VOLTA football mode which allows the players to play street and freestyle football. Nonetheless, some of the series ‘good-old glitches are still there for the players to ‘enjoy.’


Making money while writing video game reviews is not that easy as it might seem to be at first sight. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to write about video games properly. Nonetheless, you shall not be afraid of the first steps, as you can always get some help on your side.

Nobody tells you that you have to give up on your education to become a video games reviewer. You can get your essays and tasks written for you and, what is more, you can even get your first reviews written for you. Then, you will start analyzing them, and this is how you’ll learn how to write the best reviews ever.



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