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New Gaming Technologies – Interview with Lucas Mollberg

The tech world continues to grow at unprecedented rates and the gaming industry is growing in response. As new technologies are introduced into the gaming world, we are seeing expansion of modern games, the kind of which we never thought could be possible.

We talked to Lucas Mollberg, an expert in gaming and technology, and asked important questions about the current technological trends in the gaming industry and the advancements we are looking at in the coming years.

Hello Lucas and thank you for giving us some of your time to talk about gaming. Please tell us, what trends can we expect to grow in 2021 and dominate the industry?

Hello and thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about these exciting things. First of all, let me say that there is so much happening in the gaming world. Mobile gaming is on a massive expanse, while cloud gaming, 5G internet connections, and virtual reality are all getting to a point where they can be applied and used by actual players to enhance their experience.

You mentioned mobile gaming. We all know how important mobile devices have become in our lives, but just how much growth is mobile gaming actually seeing?

The mobile gaming industry is absolutely booming. In 2020, the industry grew by 12% compared to the year before, and I expect a significant increase will happen again in 2021. Social mobile games are a hit, with players of all ages, genders, and interests joining to play the game that best fits their needs.

There is also the iGaming industry, in which I am very invested as the owner of Casinoble. We are seeing a massive increase of the number of players at online casinos and other iGaming sites as well, and there is no sign of it slowing down. The industry is always on the expanse and mobile players are the prime targeted audience these days.

What about cloud gaming and 5G? How are these technologies improving the gaming industry and what exactly are they bringing to the table?

It’s all about multiplayer and the internet these days. Gone are the days when single player games dominated the market. Today it’s all about the MMOs, competing in eSports and other forms of multiplayer games, played over the internet. 5G makes online play so much faster, smoother, and easier. It allows for faster transfer of more data, which means developers can let their imaginations run wild.

Cloud gaming is an amazing invention which allows players who are playing on devices that may not normally support the ultra-modern games to still enjoy the full experience. Using nothing but a high speed connection, you can play the game on a host server and use its resources to get highest levels of performance even on your phone or a cheap laptop.

How is virtual reality coming along? When can we expect to be able to truly submerge ourselves into a virtual world and play games in a different reality altogether?

I have to say that we are not there yet and VR still comes with a lot of restrictions. That said, there are some insanely fun VR games already available and I think with every passing year we will see better devices, better software, and more money invested in VR.

There is no telling how far VR can go. In theory, we could develop an entire virtual world where players would be free to do whatever they wanted to. This is still a long way away of course, but the point of technology is that it lets us dream big and often makes those dreams become a reality.

Thank you Lucas for sharing your insights and we hope we can have you back in the future to talk about even more exciting technological trends in the gaming industry.

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