How Can You Choose and Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Your SEO?

Use Content Delivery Network
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The CDN or the content delivery network for your site is quite a crucial area to check on. One of the most common and worst kinds of problems the site owners face is a slow site. Thus while you are making your investment to create very high-quality content, you must reconsider the facts regarding digital assets and the investments in the CDN, as you must not want to invest in something unworthy. Let’s see how to choose and use a content delivery network for your SEO.

Why is CDN important for your SEO?

The way an image or a video gets integrated into the ecosystem of your website can have a great impact on its success. The CDN works by passing the assets and the traffic back and forth as the assets get called up through the page loads. At the same time, it also renders some of the hard code elements. This is quite common for all the servers around the world. Having a CDN makes sure that you are having a quick journey towards creating a good user experience. The CDN tends to improve the speed and the efficiency of the site as it rightly optimizes the routes for web traffic. The best SEO services New York can help you to get better results about picking the right CDN.

How would you choose the CDN for your SEO?

Before You pick the CDN for your SEO, you need to make some of the important considerations so that you can get the best solution that rightly aligns with your goals. Here are some of the factors that you must check on if you are thinking of picking CDN for your SEO:

  • The peak hour performance it delivers: You should consider the peak hour performance the CDN is capable of delivering. In case your website is experiencing the biggest fluctuations in its traffic, then you must ensure that you are pressure testing the CDN response during the peak hour when it is needed the most.
  • End-user DNS response time:  while picking the CDN for your website SEO, you must not want to test the in-house only to learn that the DNS takes longer. Hence make sure you are pickling the CDN, which has a quite simple DNS setup that reduces the long waits for its end users.
  • Wait time for the assets: The CDN comes to be one of the shared environments. On the other hand, you have to make sure that you are aware of the fact that they were less popular as they are getting the retrieve from the origin server with a minimal wait time.
  • Connect time: The connect time is one of the most crucial areas to look for while you are picking the CDN for your website. The CDN must have better network connectivity with very low latency and no packet loss.

How do you use the CDN for your SEO?

As you are done with picking the CDN for your site, you need to make sure that you are using it properly. So how do you use it properly? Have a look:

  1. First of all, you need to set up your CDN with the help of your subdomain. From your DNS setup, you need to create a custom domain for your website. Enabling CDN with the help of your subdomain makes your service proprietary stay to you and easily points all the necessary SEO values of the CDN-based resources towards your root domain.
  2. While using the CDN, you need to make sure that you are consistent with your file names and the paths it uses. While using the CDN or doing some of the routine changes, the basis of your CDN must not be changed.
  3. Make sure you are adding all the Rel = Canonical tags. Many times having two separate URLs which redirect to a similar page can create many SEO-related problems. The Rel=Canonical tags tend to remove all such duplicate content-related issues with the help of your CDN so that your SEO can have a quick and useful boost in its functions.


The CDN or the Content Delivery Network is one of the most crucial areas for your website SEO. Thus, while you are picking it or you are using it for scaling your SEO, you need to ensure that you are doing it in the right way.

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