Top 5 Places to Plan your Next Road Trip With Amex Car Rental

Dubai is regarded as a wholesome destination unto itself because of its lively ambiance. Not only is this city beautiful from the inside, but it is also surrounded by majestic sceneries for perfect road trips. When you are tired of the city hustle and bustle, you can book a car from Shift Rent a Car and head towards the exciting Dubai road trip. To ease your worries, we have made a list for you, so you can pick any of them and start your trip with Amex car rental. 

Here are some of the best and top places of the UAE that you can plan to visit during your next road trip. 

1- Al Ain 

Al-Ain is a garden city that is full of greenery and natural scenery. It is one of the most popular and top choices to visit especially when it comes to scenic road trips. Because of numerous natural oases, springs, and lush greenery this city gets its name. Al-Ain is considered home to many beautiful attractions that also include some heightened mountains and many historical places. If you are planning your road trip to Al Ain at least plan to make it 2 or 3 days long because you can’t get all the beauty of this city in a single day. One of the top things to do in the garden city is visited Wadi Adventures, home to the man-made largest white-water channels. 

2- Fujairah 

This emirate of the UAE is surrounded by spectacular views, scenic routes, and stunning sights of herds and white camels. Fujairah is one of the top and best destinations to explore with your family or friends. It is located on the coastline bordering the Gulf of Oman. This city is all about beach and sea activities such as fishing, beach resorts, diving, marine club, sailing, and others. Fujairah also has a wonderful collection of 5-star hotels and beach resorts. Some of the famous attractions of the city include Sandy beach, Snoopy Island, and Khor Fakhan. Different resorts of Fujairah offer you admiring packages to try out some of the most amazing activities. Some other attractions of Fujairah are Fujairah Fort, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and Al Hayl Castle.

3- Umm Al Quwain 

Umm Al Quwain is one of the smallest emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This city is gifted with beautiful landscapes and stunning nature reserves. There is also an array of incredible islands near the Umm Al Quwain coast. These islands are covered with amazing mangrove forests. Out of these islands, Al Sinniyah is one of the most famous islands located there. Moreover, you can also check out admirable sunsets at sandy Umm Al Quwain beaches. This emirate is home to many historical buildings including Umm Al Quwain Fort, Umm Al Quwain Museum, and Falaj Al Mualla Fort. you would also love to visit Dreamland Aqua Park in the city that is one of the biggest water parks in the UAE. In addition, Kite Beach Center UAQ is one of the top beachside destinations. 

4- Hatta


Hatta is located on a short drive from Dubai at the Oman Border. A road trip to Hatta is one of the best ways to celebrate some quality time with your family on weekends. It is the place of striking mountains, kayaking trips, amazing natural pools, wonderful picnic spots, and beautiful hotels and resorts that can add adventures to your trip. You can also visit Hatta Heritage Village that almost dates back to about 3 thousand years, truly a goldmine for history lovers. This emirate is also home to the Meraas development of Wadi Hub Center, which is the best place for adventurous activities. Some other main attractions of the emirate are Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta Rock Pools, and the Hatta Hill Park. 

5- Liwa 

Liwa is a sandy journey and desert settlement that is located about 220 km from the main center of Dubai and almost 100 miles to the southwest of Abu Dhabi. There are many history buffs, cultures, vultures, and adventurous things in Liwa that you will love to explore during your visit. There is also a 300-meter high dune called Tal Mireb in this sandy land. If you want to visit this place during the best time of year, it is during the Liwa Date Festival. This festival includes the celebration of traditions and customs that are related to beautiful date palm trees. Liwa Oasis is also one of the top locations in the region that you can’t afford to miss during your trip. Some popular attractions in Liwa are Liwa Forts, Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum, and Mezairaa Town. 

Some other Attractive Stops for your Next Road Trip 

  • Jebel Akhdar: This is an awe-spiring mountain range that is not located in the UAE, but in Oman Hajar mountains. It was also known as the Peer of Islam for many centuries. This region is filled with historical forts, exploration sites, and traditional marketplaces. 
  • Dibba: It is one of the incredible beachside destinations in the UAE. Dibba has a very scenic view that has mountains on one side and the other side, there is a blue sea. It is one of the best places to visit and a perfect diving spot. 
  • Musandam Peninsula: This road trip will take you about 2 to 3 hours for driving towards the Musandam Peninsula that is overwhelmed with incredible views. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, spotting dolphins, and other such activities there. 
  • Sir Bani Yas Island: It is one of the beautiful islands of the capital of the UAE. This island is home to a wildlife sanctuary and some beautiful hotels and resorts also including the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. 

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We hope that you are all set for the Dubai road trip. Just pick up your favorite destination, rent a car and start wandering with your folks!

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