How to make an interesting Youtube intro video

interesting Youtube intro video

An interesting YouTube intro video is a short clip that can be seen at the beginning of a YouTube video. It helps to establish a topic and introduce the overall content of the video to the audience. An intro helps to set the right tone for the content. YouTube intros are made in order to create a strong brand identity with the help of logos, colors, and taglines.

However, if you think that making a YouTube intro is very easy, it is not. There are several things you need to keep in mind while creating the YouTube Intro. It should be consistent, brandable, and made in the proper manner to create the right tone.

If you have never used a YouTube intro for your videos before, then you are definitely missing out on a lot. Why is YouTube intro crucial? Let’s talk about that in this blog, and we will also share some tips that will help you make the most interesting YouTube intro clips.

Why Are YouTube Intros Important?

  1. Make the intro more appealing

When you add a well-made and adequately crafted intro clip for your YouTube videos, it helps it to make it more appealing and also helps to enhance the overall professional appeal. The intro can be easily used to provide a more aesthetic look to the video, and this can add up to the company’s design strategies. You can add design elements in the intro that will help you to connect with the right audience always.

  1. Content branding

Intros are also great for branding the content. When you are adding intros consistently to the video, the users get used to it watching on a regular basis. That is the reason why you can remember the intro very well whenever the channel name strikes your mind. If the people like your content, then they are surely going to familiarize themselves with your video intros.

  1. Retain viewers

YouTube video intros are one of the best ways in which you can retain your viewers for a long period of time. It acts like a hook that can capture their attention and prevent them from navigating away to other videos. As the overall attention span of the audience is reducing, intros are a great way to make the most of it.

  1. Build a strong bond among customers

Last but not least, a YouTube intro helps to build trust and confidence between the viewers and your brand. Brand-specific intros can help you to retain more loyal customers, and they will expect good quality content from you. Intros that are correctly made can help any brand to stand out and portray themselves as unique, different, and recognizable than others.

How To Create Interesting Video Intros?

Now that you are aware of how important YouTube intro videos can be, let’s talk about how you can create them right now – 

  1. Small and catchy clip:

The YouTube intro clip should be less than 10 seconds. You should always try to create a YouTube intro that is short and ends quickly. If your intro is more than 10-20 seconds, then the viewer will get bored quickly at the very beginning. An intro should always be short and crisp. You cannot make it too long expect it to create an impact. The more concise the video is, the better.

  1. Talking about the brand: 

You should always support your brand. One of the best things you can do when you are creating a YouTube intro is to strengthen your brand value. The intro should be relevant to the channel logo and video thumbnail. It should always match the overall tone of your content. For instance, if you are trying to make serious content, don’t add a funny or romantic BGM in the intro. You have to keep it suspenseful.

  1. Adding music:

Use music whenever you are making a YouTube intro. The moment the video starts, if there is a silent pause, then a lot of people will click away and lose interest in watching the video. So, to keep them hooked into the video, you should use some music or audio in order to attract the viewer’s attention. Choose the music that suits the overall tone and genre of your brand channel. However, the music should not be very loud because then the audio in the content won’t be properly audible.

  1. Creating identity:

The main idea of using a YouTube intro is to showcase your brand and create a unique identity just before the video starts. That is why you should never forget to include the name of your channel in the intro clip. Use prominently sized fonts and add the name of the channel in every intro. Some brands have iconic logos, and that is why they add the logo in there.

  1. Making a cold open: 

You can do a cold open in order to make your videos more interesting. You must have seen multiple times that a lot of videos start with a small clip of the video being played in the very first seconds of the video, right? That is known as a cold open. It helps to build suspense and keeps the viewers interested in the rest of the original video. Place your intro right after the 10-15 seconds clip of the original content, and you will see the audience retention rate improving.

  1. Being consistent:

Make sure you are consistent with it. There are several brands and individual creators whose intro videos can be easily remembered because people have seen them so many times. This helps to spread the brand identity over time. You should put intro videos, try out different experiments with them, and all of that must be done consistently. After a certain point of time, you will see that people can recognize your channel just by watching the intro.

Final Words – 

YouTube Intros are one of the essential parts of any video. You cannot go wrong with this very important element. The use of a YouTube intro will always help us to find your videos very special and specific. So, you should start working on intro videos if you have never used them prior to this. Use all the necessary elements and be patient with the results.



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