How to Put a Throw Blanket on a Couch? 5 Stylish Ways

Blanket on a Couch
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We love throws because they keep us warm during the cold winter nights. And if you’re considering getting the right throw blanket size for your sofa, you’ll be glad to know that in addition to using this blanket for warmth, you can also use it as a great accent piece for your couch. 

In this article today, we will teach you how to put a throw blanket on a couch.

So, without further ado, here are five ways to place your decorative blanket on your couch so that it looks just right.

1.     Drape It over the Couch Corner

This classic throw style gives your room a relaxed and inviting look.

To achieve the over the couch throw style, fold your blanket in half lengthwise, then throw it over the corner of your couch at an angle. Ensure part of the throw cascades to the front bottom part of the sofa. Consider if you need to tug or spread the blanket in some parts to achieve a casual look.

You can also pinch the decorative blanket at its center and drag it over one of your couch’s corners to achieve the same relaxed look. Don’t worry if you can’t seem to get this look right the first time. You’ll get the hang of it with more practice.

Besides, you can always cover any problem areas with a cushion. Placing a pillow on the throw also helps to keep it on its spot.

2.     The Neat and Tidy Look

A polished and orderly way to style your throw is to go for a tidy look.

Fold your blanket thrice lengthwise, then drape it over your sofa. Ensure you fold it evenly to get a polished look.

To keep the blanket in place, tuck it behind a cushion and ensure your sofa stays clean but avoiding too many pillows.

3.     Over the Foot Look

You can add some character to your daybed or sectional couch with over a foot throw style.

Fold your decorative blanket into quarters lengthwise and drape it over the corner of your daybed.  Let the blanket drop to the floor for a more modern look. Placing the throw over the top of your couch is another great way to draw attention to your sectional.

4.     The Unfolded Look

If you have a throw with a unique texture, color, or pattern, you can show it off using the unfolded look. This look can also help cover up tired-looking couches or highlight a sofa with a simple design.

Instead of folding up your throw, draw attention to it by spreading it out over your couch. For a more comfy look, create ripples on the blanket. If you’re going for a tidier look, spread the throw evenly over the sofa.

5.     The Up and Over Arm Throw Style

The up and over arm throw look is another classic and favorite style. This look works best if the arm of your couch is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your living room. This look catches the eye and adds some layer to your couch’s arm.

Fold your throw vertically in half, lay it over the arm of your couch, and tuck it in the cushions. Add a throw pillow to keep the throw in place. If you have a throw with fringes or tassels, ensure the fringes point down on the side of the sofa arm.

Hopefully, now you know how to add some style to your couch with these throw blanket ideas. Now go on and try them out and let us know how it goes in the comments section below.


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