How to use positive affirmations

How use positive affirmations

Before we talk about how to use positive affirmations, the first thing we need to understand is what positive affirmations are. The definition that we get is the positive phrases that someone repeats to themselves to describe how they want to be. It comes from the theory that despite those positive affirmations being not true, your mind starts to believe them with time. And in the end, they become a reality.

Once we understand what the positive affirmations are. Then how can we go around using them? We will go through a guide to help you through that.

Before we start, you need to find a way of saying positive affirmations. Every person has their style. According to the, a simple way to begin is:

  1. When standing to do it tall, let your shoulders relax and have a good posture – this posture shows that you are confident.
  2. Have the affirmations with you. They can be written down or printed.
  3. Recite them one by one slowly. Your tone of voice should be confident – when reading the affirmations, do it as you mean it, believe it. It should be like the affirmations have happened already, or they are real.
  4. When speaking, do it slowly and confidently. It is very important. An example of speakers, the confident ones do not rush; they take their time. You need to pronounce each word properly and speak it with meaning.
  5. You can also speak your affirmations while looking at a mirror. It is optional. It can feel a bit awkward about it, but with time this practice becomes normal.

Once you have gotten the posture that you need when saying your positive affirmations, the next thing that you need to look at is the structure. How often do you do your positive affirmations? It is good to be consistent. Consistency is very key. You need to repeat your positive affirmations daily. So, to be on the safe side, you need to have a routine that you can adapt to.

Adapting to a new routine is not easy, but you can adapt to it with constant effort. Try sticking a routine in two weeks, and you will get to see a difference.

Earlier on, I had mentioned having your affirmations written down or printed. It is good to use printed or written affirmations. The good thing about having written or printed affirmations is that you can place them in key places in the house or at work, where you can be seeing them often. Some places you can put them include your car dashboard, fridge, gym/work/school locker, bathroom mirror.

Seeing your affirmations often jogs your memory, and it reminds you to stay focused on the goal and stay positive. Constantly being reminded of your goals and affirmations will accelerate your results. Always seeing these affirmations keeps you in conscious awareness of achieving and realizing your goals and succeeding in them.

Some more tips to help you with how to use your positive phrases included.

You need to focus, don’t have too many affirmations, distract your attention, remain consistent, keep a commitment, and monitor what mood you are in before starting your daily affirmations.

Doing positive affirmations is not that complicated. Many people see it like that. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right practice, you can succeed with positive affirmations.


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