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Lucky Patcher Apk

When It comes to describing the best Android tool app, the app which comes first to my mind is the Lucky Patcher App. It’s one of the best useful application for Android devices. Hello guys, I’m back with another exciting Android app for you. And today I’ll describe to you the premium features of Lucky Patcher. I’ll also show you how you can install & enjoy the features of it. So, if you are looking for the app, you just have come to the right place. Read this post carefully to know about all the information about the app.

About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Android tool application. It’s one of the best tools for Android devices. From removing Ads from any application to manage your storage, Lucky Patcher can be used to do the various task on your Android device.

App Name Lucky Patcher
Size 7.20 MB
Version v8.1.9
Total Downloads 100,000+
Android Version Required Android 4.0+

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Lucky Patcher Description

Lucky Patcher Apk

You can control any application, installed on your device with this app. So, if you want to control the apps as you want, then Lucky Patcher is for you.

We all love Ad-free apps. But some Android apps contains Ads more than your expectation. Here comes the need of Lucky Patcher. You can remove the Annoying ads from any Android application installed on your device. It’ll completely remove the Ads from the application and will give you a better experience with the app.

Another great feature of Lucky Patcher is that it can remove the InApp Purchases from any Android application. You may have seen that some Android apps charges to give you some extra features. Example: If you are using a photo editing application then it’ll ask you to pay for some more frames or effects. Lucky Patcher can completely remove the License Verification process and give you the extra features. Yes, you’ve heard right. It can covert a free app to a pro app.

Some Android apps need license verification to work. You have to buy the license to use the app. Lucky Patcher can also remove them. You can also change the permissions of an Android app with this app. You can enable or disable the permissions. Select only the permissions which you want to allow.

Lucky Patcher App edits the binary files of an Application and recomposes it. That’s how this app works.

You can install Lucky Patcher Apk on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, if your device is rooted, then you can use some extra features of it.

If you have a Non-rooted device, then don’t worry. You can also use most of the features of it.

I’ve described the features of Lucky Patcher below.

Lucky Patcher Features

  • Remove Ads: You can remove the annoying ads from any Android app with the help of Lucky Patcher. Just select the app and start removing the ads. Sometimes it’s very annoying to see ads in your favorite Android application. It can decrease your user-experience on that app. But, now you can remove the ads completely from the app.
  • Remove License Verification: This is one of the best features of  LuckyPatcher app. You can remove any kind of license verification with the lucky patcher app and use the app for free. You don’t have to buy an extra license to use the app. So, it’s one of the great features of Lucky Patcher.
  • Remove In-App Purchases: Lucky Patcher has many features. Removing in-app purchases is one of them. If an Android app is asking you to buy some features of it, you can bypass it with Lucky Patcher. It’ll let you experience the best of that app. You can get any feature of that app for free.

Lucky Patcher Features (Root)

  • Remove System Apps: When you buy an Android device, it comes with some pre-installed apps on it. These are called Bloatware. Most of the time the apps remain useless. But, you can’t uninstall them as they come Pre-Installed. These apps can eat your devices RAM & Storage without your permission. So, you have to find a way to uninstall those useless apps. Here comes LuckyPatcher to save you from the Bloatware. You can uninstall any kind of Bloatware with LuckyPatcher. But, for that, your device must be rooted.
  • Modify App Permissions: Do you really know what permissions an Android app asks you when you install it for the very first time? Sometimes a Music Player app asks you to give camera permission. I mean What? Why would a music player app ask to use your device’s Camera? Because of these problems, you should always check which permission you are giving to any Android app. If an App asks you for such permissions, you can modify them using Lucky Patcher. That’s how you can always maintain your privacy.
  • Move System Apps to SD Card: You can move the system apps to SD card with Lucky Patcher if your device is rooted. You can also remove the pre-installed system apps (Bloatware) with Lucky Patcher.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Apk?

Installing Lucky Patcher Apk on an Android device is very easy if you follow the below steps properly. Just follow the guide below to Install Lucky Patcher Apk on your Android device successfully.

  • The very first step is to go to Settings>Privacy of your Android device and enable “Install from Unknown Source” option

  • After that, go to your file manager and locate the Lucky Patcher Apk File. When you find it, click on it to install.
  • Click “Install” to install it.Lucky Patcher
  • If you see any warning, click “Install Anyway”.Lucky Patcher
  • It’ll begin the installation process. Wait until it finishes.Lucky Patcher
  • When you finish the installation process, you’ll be asked to open the app.

Lucky Patcher

How to Use Lucky Patcher?

  • Open the app from your app drawer.
  • If it asks for the update, just update it.
  • Disable the Google Play Protect dialog.Lucky Patcher
  • You’ll see all apps which are installed on your device currently.Lucky Patcher
  • Now select the app to which you want to apply the patch.
  • Click “Menu of Patches”.Lucky Patcher
  • Select “Create Modified Apk File”.Lucky Patcher
  • Now select the patch which you want to apply. If you want to remove Google Ads, Click Apk without Google Ads. If you want to bypass In-app Purchases, click Rebuilt for In-app.Lucky Patcher
  • It’ll start decompiling the apk and apply the patch. This process can take some minutes. Just wait until it finishes.
  • After finishing, it’ll ask you to Reinstall the app.
  • After reinstalling, you’ll be able to use the patched app.

Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lucky Patcher Safe to Use?

Lucky Patcher is completely safe if you download it from our site. Millions of users are using it daily and no one complained about it. So, you can install it without any doubt or worry.

What About the Update of Lucky Patcher Apk?

The app will automatically download the updates. You’ll be asked to install the updates. You can check for Manual updates also.

Is Lucky Patcher Illegal?

No, Lucky Patcher is not illegal. The app has a good reputation and it’s working fine. However, if something bad happens, the developers of the app will be in problem, not the users.

Final Words

So guys, hope you liked this post. If you liked, just share it with your friends and family and tell them about Lucky Patcher. If you face any problem installing the app, you can comment down in the comment section below and I’ll solve the problem. Visit the homepage of Androclue for more apps like this.


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