5 Ways New Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

Windows Increase Your Home's Value

A house would never be a home without windows. Windows bring the outdoors in, filling our REPcalgaryhomes with natural light and warmth from the sun. But the original windows on a home don’t last forever. Sooner or later, your best option is to replace the windows. Perhaps you’re in your forever home now, and you want to improve its beauty and functionality. Or you’re putting your home on the market, and you know that curb appeal equals top dollar at resale. Do new windows really increase the value of a home? Whether you’re building a life in your current home, or you intend on selling your home to a new family, here are 5 ways that windows replacement will increase your home’s value:

1. Modern Windows Offer Move-in Ready Value

Replacing your home’s windows before resale will attract more buyers who are looking for energy efficiency and a move-in ready property. A national survey of home builders in the U.S. showed that 90% of home buyers were looking for energy-efficient windows.

Surveys in home improvement magazines back this up. Data shows that sellers who replace windows on their home before resale see a return on investment of between 70-74%. That is a higher return on investment than remodeling a kitchen or adding a deck to the backyard.

2. Double-Hung Windows Offer Double the Value

Double-hung windows are a highly recommended window style because they are a cinch to operate and are very easy to maintain. This window style is versatile enough to fit into any decorating scheme or house construction. The movable sashes on double-hung windows allow fresh outdoor air to circulate more freely throughout a home. 

All homeowners know that window cleaning is a necessary evil! And if you’re selling your home, having beautifully clean windows during showings is an absolute must. In both of these cases,  double-hung windows add double the value.

Maintaining the beauty of a double-hung window is as easy as opening it, tilting the sash, cleaning it, and tilting it back. It saves money if you’ve had to call window cleaners in the past. And double-hung windows don’t require expensive, harsh cleaners. Gentle, inexpensive cleaners do the trick because they won’t damage the seal or the paint around your windows.

3. There Is More Value in Replacement Than Repair

Practically every homeowner has done repairs on their old windows. You can stretch out the value of dated windows for a while until it becomes necessary to replace them. Old and inefficient windows don’t just cost you more in wasted energy, they also make your home more vulnerable to noise pollution or break-ins.

When you’re inside your home, and the sounds of traffic still bother you, that noise pollution gets amplified by inefficient glass and wood window frames. Modern replacement windows offer more than just value. Data shows up to 52% noise reduction with replacement windows, and you’ll notice the difference, particularly at night when you are trying to sleep.  

If you’re concerned that the locks on your windows aren’t functioning correctly, it’s an excellent time to consider replacing or retrofitting your windows. There is no price on your peace of mind when you know your valuables are secure, and everyone living under your roof is safe from intruders.

4. Replacement Windows Offer Valuable Energy Efficiency 

We’re all looking to reduce our energy usage. Replacement windows are one of the wisest investments a homeowner can make to increase the value of their home while saving money too! Window replacements are like a facelift for your home, and the energy savings are significant. 

Window replacement experts are knowledgeable in Energy Star window ratings and the best options for replacement windows to retain heat, reflect light and insulate your home. They will explain U-value ratings that minimize heat loss, R-value ratings that absorb the most heat, and VT that controls visible light to lessen UV damage to your home’s interior and furnishings.

5. The Value in New Vinyl Windows

A very popular replacement option with homeowners today is durable, affordable vinyl windows. Old windows have many problems that can no longer be fixed. Vinyl windows are environmentally sustainable, lead-free, and resistant to cracking, warping, blistering, or fading.

As wood prices skyrocket, the value in vinyl becomes even more cost-effective. While wood is a beautiful, natural option, it requires far more maintenance over time due to rotting, splintering, or fading from storm damage, heavy rain, on the hot sun.

The long-term value of vinyl is significant because it requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money over the years. Vinyl generally doesn’t require repainting or repairing. It’s easily cleaned with a dust cloth or a soft-bristled vacuum attachment, or an occasional washing with a soft cloth and mild detergent. 


There is no question. New windows add tremendous value to a home, whether you intend to stay or sell the home you’re in now. Sooner or later, old windows not only fail, but they also waste money due to energy loss, and old windows can be unsafe.

Investing in new windows now is not only wise, but it also saves you considerable money in energy costs. New windows are easier to maintain and clean, and they make your home look beautiful. 







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