Netflix Originals June 2020 Releases to Stream Now

Excited to binge-watch a new list of Netflix shows? Well, here is the list of Netflix Originals June 2020 releases that you need to shortlist from. From the Queer Eye Season 5 to The Politician, from the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why to the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, there is simply so much to stream.

Netflix Originals June 2020 releases

Here is the list of all the Netflix originals that have already been added or is coming soon this month:

June 2

Fuller House: The Farewell Season

It is going to be a rollercoaster ride to bid farewell to a series that has been on the air for over 30 years. From Full House to Fuller Houser, the journey has been incredible. If you’ve been watching this one from the time you were a kid, you’re definitely going to feel the goosebumps!

True: Rainbow Rescue

Here is a perfect show to watch with your kids right now. It is a children’s story about a girl named True and her best friend Bartleby as they rescue the citizens of Rainbow City. Here’s the trailer:

June 3

Spelling the Dream

Here is a documentary that might interest you if you always love guessing how words spell. It records a competition between four competitors and how Indian American children have been ruling over the Scripps National Spelling Bee since 1999.

June 4

Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga

Baki is an animated series that revolves around a boy named Baki Hanma and his journey in becoming a martial arts champion. In this season, Baki enters a tournament that happens once in 100 years. Check out the trailer to know more:

Can You Hear Me / M’entends-tu?

The dramatic comedy series revolves around three friends who are poverty-stricken but stick to each other and support each other through tough times. It is a French-English series that just returned with season 2.

June 5

13 Reasons Why: Season 4

The final season of 13 Reasons Why is here and it’s about graduating, making decisions, heartbreaks, and more. Here’s the trailer:

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

Choked is an Indian series about a cashier who finds a fortune in her own sink. Her destiny changes but comes with unexpected twists. Here’s the trailer to the thriller:

The Last Days of American Crime

If you’ve had enough Money Heist already, it is time to switch to another story of a heist involving two men and a woman.

Queer Eye: Season 5

Queer Eye is back with season 5 and there are 10 new transformed heroes who receive utmost support from the Fab 5.

June 7

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 6

Hasan Minhaj is back with another volume of Patriot Act where he discusses political aspects, shares opinions, and influences minds. Here’s a sneak-peak to one of his recent videos about George Floyd’s death case.

June 10


After tragic events happened seventeen years back, a woman and her two children return to their home and have strange experiences as they explore the cursed town.

Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill is a documentary on four real doctors as they help give us an insight into the US healthcare system and what goes behind their jobs.

Reality Z

This is a zombie series that shows now Rio de Janeiro is under a zombie attack and reality show contestants take refuge in a shelter but find themselves battling scary creatures.

June 12

Da 5 Bloods

A team of four African American vets fights forces of nature and mankind as they return to Vietnam looking for the remains of their leader and a fortune he hid.

Dating Around: Season 2

Dating Around is a Netflix original dating show where unknown people meet each other on dates and have stories to unravel. Here’s the sneak-peek of what it’s like from the first season’s trailer:

F is for Family: Season 4

This is an animated series about Frank and the Murphys! In this season, Frank deals with having his estranged father coming over. Find out how the story might turn here:

Jo Koy: In His Elements

Comedian Jo Koy takes Netflix to the Philippines and explores some of the most amazing talents across the country. Of course, you’d get to hear a lot of his jokes as well.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Season 2

Here’s another animated series that is returning with another season. Find out what to expect from Kipo and the Wonderbeasts.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

If you’ve loved watching Pokémon as a child, you’re definitely not going to miss this one.

The Search

The Search is about a Chechen boy who is traumatized when orphaned by Russian soldiers. He meets a French aid worker who he befriends and gets help in learning how to speak.

The Woods

The series is based on the novel The Woods, written by Harlan Coben. The story takes you back to summer 1994 and revolves around a holiday camp.

June 13

Alexa & Katie Part 4

You’ve seen Alexa and Katie grow up together. Here’s the final season of their exciting lives.

June 14

Marcella: Season 3

Marcella Season 2 ended on a heavy note so there’s a lot to catch up for season 3. The story that started as an intense thriller about the detective with neurological illness is going to take new turns now.

June 17

Mr. Iglesias: Part 2

Mr. Iglesias will resume his classes soon but if you haven’t studied the first season yet, here’s what you need to catch up from:

June 18

A Whisker Away

Here is an anime film that is all about magic, love, and cats. If you love cats or anime, you must watch this one.

The Order: Season 2

The supernatural drama is all set to scare you again. But the main question lies as “is Vade Maecum alive?” Check out the Netflix Originals June show to catch up with the update.

June 19

Babies: Part 2

Babies is a docuseries by Netflix that captures the early months of infancy. These are real stories explored by parents and documented for you to watch.

Father Soldier Son

The series records stories of a soldier dad who goes into a journey of love, loss, and redemption with his sons. The New York Times production reveals the true stories of sacrifice, duty, and love.

Feel the Beat

A failed Broadway audition makes a self-centered dancer train a squad full of young misfits to perform for a big competition.

Floor Is Lava

Floor is Lava is a reality show where contestants have to jump, leap, hang, and do all sorts of actions to keep away from falling into the ‘lava’ and getting disqualified.

Lost Bullet

The story is about a mechanical whiz who has murder charges on him mistakenly. The story then unravels with endless twists and turn. Check out the teaser here:

Girls from Ipanema: Season 2

Girls from Ipanema is a critical acclaimed Brazilian period drama. It is back with more exciting episodes in season 2.

One-Way To Tomorrow

The story is about two strangers who meet each other in a train en route to Izmir. They bond over their unexpectedly intertwined past relationships and find a connection in each other.

The Politician: Season 2

It’s less than a year since the first season released and the series is back with another. If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, check it out and then move on to the one that’s coming.

Rhyme Time Town

Got a baby in the house? Here’s what you need to make them watch and learn. The cartoon revolves around characters like Daisy the Puppy and Cole the kitten who educate kids with rhymes and plays.

Wasp Network

Wasp Network is a group of Cuban defectors who infiltrate anti-Castro terrorist groups in the 90s in Miami.

June 23

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything

Comedian Eric Andre is all set to make a debut with Netflix this month. The show is titled “Legalize Everything” and will give you lots of witty jokes to laugh at.

June 24

Athlete A

Athlete A is a documentary that focuses on gymnasts who went through the abuse of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar and survived.

Crazy Delicious

Channel 4 UK and Netflix is going to release Crazy Delicious. It is a cooking competition led by celebrity chefs.

Nobody Knows I’m Here / Nadie sabe que estoy aquí

The story revolves around a misunderstanding that makes a 17-year-old cross the border in order to save his life.

June 26

Amar y vivir

A poor country boy goes on an expedition to look for his runaway sister in Bogotá. He falls in love with an aspiring singer but gets involved in a crime.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

The story is about two singers from small-town who chase their dream to become a pop star at a global competition. Their bond is tested by scheming rivals, onstage mishaps, and more.

Home Game

Home Game is another docuseries that records people playing dangerous sports that were traditionally played across the world and in different cultures.

June 30


Adú is a painful story of a child who reconnects with her father. It is set around a Spanish town in northern Africa.


BNA is another anime show about Michiru who is morphed into a raccoon beast-man who seeks refuge. Shirou, the wolf beast-man helps him go in the Anima-City.

George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half

Finally, here is another comedian bringing you dark comic as he performs stand-up that was filmed in San Francisco.

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