NSAIDs Use During Coronavirus Will Not React Severely, Experts Confirm

NSAIDs Use During Coronavirus Will Not React Severely, Experts Confirm
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During the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a ban on using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Experts said that such drugs could make saves of coronavirus severe. However, a latest study published in PLOS Medicine stated that NSAIDs like ibuprofen or diclofenac will not react adversely for coronavirus patients. The drugs help treat aches, pain, and fever.

Overall, risks for all the studies and outcomes were similar between both user and non-user of the NSAIDs. The research report mentioned this.

NSAIDs safe to use while infected with COVID-19

The researchers who reported this were from the University of Southern Denmark, the Danish Medicines Agency, and Aarhus University Hospital. They collected the information after studying over 9,000 residents of Denmark. All of them were positive about the coronavirus infection. The study was ongoing during the outbreak, between February 27 to April 29.

The researchers looked at the registry data for NSAIDs usage. They went through admissions, hospitalization, ICU, mechanical ventilation, and more. Moreover, they also looked through acute renal replacement therapy and 30-day mortality. All these aspects were crucial for the study.

Out of 9,326 people, 248 were on NSAIDs already. They were to consume through drugs while they were COVID positive. As they did consume the medicines, the outcome showed no side effects.

They examined if NSAIDs were associated with 30-day mortality and if the outcome was severe or not. As per reports, the usage of the drugs wasn’t related to increased 30-day mortality. The finding was robust to range supplementary analyses, said by the authors of the study.

Similarly, the usage of NSAIDs isn’t related to an increased risk of hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, ICU, renal replacement, and so on.

Death toll comparison

Researchers found that 6.3% of coronavirus positive people who also used NSAIDs died, compared to 6.1% who didn’t consume any anti-inflammatory drugs.

In one group of people infected with coronavirus, and who used the drugs, only 24.5% were hospitalized, while 4.9% were severe in the ICU. People who didn’t take anti-inflammatory medicines saw 21.2% hospitalization and 4.7% severity and were admitted to the ICU. The evidence suggests that usage of NSAIDs, when infected with coronavirus, is not risky.

Are NSAIDs safe to consume?

It is essential to realize the NSAIDs have adverse effects anyway. Such effects include renal, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal disorders. Only the lowest power medicines are okay to consume and also for the shortest period.

Currently, FDA mentions in its official website that they do not have enough scientific evidence to back NSAID usage. They also cannot state if coronavirus symptoms can aggravate due to the medicines.

FDA is investigating on this factor and will inform as soon as there is information to provide. However, all prescribed NSAID types mention that these medicines reduce inflammation and fever. But they might reduce the credibility of diagnostic signs for detecting infections. You must speak to your physician if you consume NSAID and also have coronavirus.

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