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Preparing For Snowy Family Fun With These Word Games

A hot cup of coffee just by the fireplace with your family is mostly experienced during snowy days. It can be fun to go out and play in the snow until the weather becomes too cold or wet that you need to be cooped up indoors. Snow days can be easily predicted these days, thanks to snow day finder that are pretty much accurate most of the time. You can even check the weather forecast every hour the night before to predict a snow day. 

Whatever you do, it is always a good idea to be prepared for snow days. This is especially important if you have kids in the house since it is very easy for kids to go on a TV marathon when they are indoors for a long time. Staying indoors with your family can be fun when you have interesting games that’ll put everybody’s mind at work. Playing word games can be intellectually stimulating both for the whole family. Here is a list of a few interesting word games that you can check out to keep the family entertained during snow days.

1. Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is an engaging word game that is available as an app on android and iOS app stores. It is the newest and updated version of the age-old class Scrabble game. From the core game mechanic to the points in every tile, it is the same as the old game but only comes with a few exceptions. The game features a “practice mode” where you can play with a girl named “Zooey.” The new app also features boosts that function as hinters or helpers.Should you need further help with unscrambling the words, you could use a word finder too. There are basically three boosts available for every player- 

  • Rack swap:  allows you to swap your letters without losing a turn. 
  • Quick word:  helps you by playing a random word from your rack. 
  • Word spy: shows you all the possible word locations. 

Scrabble Go is a colorful and quirky app that children may find attracted to. 

  • WordCookies

WordCookies is an intriguing game through which you can learn new words while the flakes fall heavily outside. WordCookies is a puzzle game where the aim is to figure out as many words possible by combining a series of letters given to you. The letters are shaped like cookies and hence the name, which is placed on a pan. As you succeed in finding out the words, you jump on to the next level. The game has over 300 levels, with the game becoming more difficult with increasing levels. The game starts with finding words with only three or four letters but can go up to six letters even. After crossing every level, you win a certain amount of coins that you can use to unlock hints or clues when you can’t figure out a word. Make yourself aware that there are many tools like unscramblenow, instawordz to unscramble the word. Yet if you want more fun, try solving it yourself. WordCookies is a fun puzzle game with beautiful graphics and a pleasing soundtrack.

  • Wordscapes

What do you get when you combine word search and crossword puzzles? Wordscapes!! This is a modern word puzzle game that challenges your brain tremendously. It is a great game for both kids and adults. There is never a dull moment when you play this game because it progresses from easy to become more challenging. Players are given a set of letters and are challenged to guess the words out of the letters. 

If you can’t figure out the next word, you have the option to get a hint by spending 100 coins. The game begins with three or four letters and progresses to seven letters, but the words are easy, which makes it quite convenient even for kids. Overall, this game is a good workout for your brain, and kids would enjoy it since it’s easy and has an attractive setup.

  • Jumbline 2

Here is a word game that is one of the most addictive on your App Store. Make words from a jumbled line of letters on your screen and score points to hop on to the next level. Players need to unscramble the letters to make a word and then underline the word with your fingers to score. You can play the game in either timed rounds or relaxing untimed mode. The game also comes with two additional games:

  • Cloud pop: where you have to unscramble the letters floating on a moving cloud to find a word and pop the cloud before it reaches the other side of your screen. 
  • Star tower: you need to build the tallest tower using stacks of words before it sinks into the ground. You have to create words out of a line of jumbled letters. The pace of sinking will be slower if you make larger words.

Staying indoors with your family during snowy days can be fun when you have interesting games that’ll put everybody’s mind at work. Word games work to keep the players out of boredom by indulging them in challenging tasks. Word games have a smooth learning curve, filled with fun and knowledge.

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