Safe Gambling Tips for 2020

Gambling Tips for 2020

Gambling can offer a lot of entertainment, thrill and excitement. However, you must know where to draw the line to stop yourself from becoming an addict. While many have benefited from gambling, there are some whose lives have taken a turn for the worse and therefore, there is a greater push for following safe gambling. Here are a few pointers to practice safe gambling tips for 2020, whether you play at old or new online casinos. 

It is important to condition your mind when you sit in front of your computer to play. Telling your mind that gambling is no way of earning a living is essential. 

The news might be brimming with stories of people who won jackpots, but winning a lottery or casino game has a lot to do with your luck. 

You have to look at gambling as a means of fun and entertainment. Nobody should look at it as an activity that leads you to the goal of winning big or earning millions overnight. It happens by chance rather than by planning. 

  • Don’t chase losses – Gambling tips for 2020

It is in human nature to want to win back the money you lost. There is adrenaline, the rush and the feeling of losing your hard-earned money to strangers. Remember that the money you lost cannot be recovered and so, going after it is like digging a deeper hole for yourself to fall into. It eventually becomes a loop and you just can’t get out of it. 

Therefore, it is important to practice what has been mentioned before. Stop thinking of gambling as a means for making money. Consider the thrill of playing games as the only form of pay-off while gambling. This is a sure-shot safe online gambling practice.

  • Only play with the money you can lose

Getting into financial difficulties is one of the biggest indicators of not following safe online gambling practices. 

Once you start cutting back on your expenses with the intent of having more money to gamble, you know there is a serious problem that needs intervention.

It is important to stick to a budget when gambling. As soon as you have spent the money in your budget for playing, it is time to pack up and leave the casino. This also helps prevent creating a chain of borrowed money that you might end up spending in online gambling. Sticking to a budget makes you well aware of your boundaries. 

  • Keep track of your time and money 

Gambling can be captivating. You may feel that you only spent 20 minutes gambling, but you might have spent two hours. Similarly, it might be easy to remember all your wins but not your losses as much. This is probably why people flock to casinos or prefer online gambling. It is rewarding, and for the time you are there, nothing else matters. 

As seen above, it can be a bit challenging to keep track of your money and time while gambling. When the brain is enjoying itself, it can trick you into believing that it has only been a few minutes or that you won more than you lost. Reality might be different and this is why it is important to keep strict tabs on your account and the time spent gambling.

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs while gambling- Gambling tips for 2020

This is probably the most important rule in the book. Never play under influence. Combining drugs and/or alcohol may be the worst way to play, as they cloud your judgement. You might not be able to place bets that increase your chances; alcohol may make you feel victorious and adventurous, and you might even bet more than you intended to. 

Combining all these is a recipe for disaster. might feel like gambling as well. Or whenever you are gambling, something would just feel off without the drugs and alcohol. So, it is important to refrain from substance abuse and not let the brain’s association mechanism kick in whenever you are doing either of the two things. 


Safe online gambling is something that everyone should practice with these gambling tips for 2020. These days, online casinos even come with a safe gambling kit, where you can decide daily limits, your budgets, deposit limits, etc. These practices can significantly help play responsibly and safely. 


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