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Should you trust the match predictions of journalists and sports stars?

Many sports fans watch broadcasts that are commented by certain experts, and during breaks or after the match, these same people give their assessment of the game. Because of this, fans get used to trusting the opinions of specific experts, reading their predictions for upcoming matches and making appropriate bets. Should you trust the match predictions of journalists and sports stars? You will learn the answer to this question from this article by Telecomasia.net.

First, we note right away that the opinion of experts is quite competent because only those who are well aware of all the intricacies of a certain sport become commentators. Also, they simply have to constantly monitor the events within the clubs, the status of individual players and other events that occur with the teams. The same is true for sports journalists.

However, it is better to listen to the opinion of experienced experts who specialize in one particular sport or even a certain tournament, because awareness and experience play a key role in making predictions.

Second, it’s easy to see that the predictions made by journalists or sports stars are often just speculations. This is because making predictions is not the main type of income for media personalities. They only voice their own opinion, which may well turn out to be wrong.

During a match, a commentator can easily say something in the heat of emotion, and soccer experts who appear on television tend to focus their judgments on facts that are not so significant and only indirectly affect the result of the game.

So it is advisable to look for confirmation or refutation of your assumptions in the predictions of media personalities, rather than taking them as irrefutable truth.

Thirdly, you need to be wary of predictions made by sports journalists about international competitions. Here the expert’s expectations of the match may be influenced by patriotism. Everyone wants their national team to win an important match, even if they don’t stand much chance of doing so.

The same is true for former players on any team. For example, predicting El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona an ex-footballer of the Madrid club, who has spent his entire career there and has managed to feel love and affection for it, may mistakenly predict the victory of Los Blancos. By the way, for the same reason, it is not recommended to bet on the matches of your favorite team (you can make a biased prediction and lose money).

The conclusion can be drawn as follows. You may well trust the predictions of media personalities, but don’t base your bets solely on the opinions of other people. Some bettors manage to find experts who give fairly accurate predictions, and monitor their articles, checking their guesses. This option is also possible. The main thing is to approach everything reasonably.

Let’s say one more thing. You should not trust various tipsters who offer to purchase a prediction for an allegedly fixed match for a certain amount. Some social media groups or websites try to convince people to sign up for an exclusive option that’s only available a few times a year. They go to all sorts of tricks to make the client believe that the previous matches ended exactly as the resource predicted.

The reality is that sometimes match-fixing does take place. But information about them is available only to a very narrow circle of people who would never share information with strangers, even for very big money. The risk is too great. Therefore, if someone offers you to buy a prediction from him for an allegedly fixed match, you should know that this is a fraud.

Successful bettors, who have turned sports betting into a profitable way to earn money, are also unlikely to share their secrets. However, there are many scammers on the web who sell their “expert” predictions for a small amount of money. In this case, such a cheater can tell one client that the first team will win the match, while he will convince the other client that luck will be on the side of the second. In any case, one of the predictions will turn out to be correct, so 50% of the cheater’s audience will be confident that he can be trusted, and will continue to bring him profit.

We advise you to pay attention only to the predictions of recognized experts and sports journalists. Their predictions for upcoming matches can be found on the major sports news resources such individuals collaborate with, or on their officially verified social media pages. Internet publications often keep statistics on the predictions of media personalities, and therefore you can easily understand which expert is worth trusting.

Be careful, place your bets wisely, not relying solely on the opinion of third-party analysts, and may your success be with you!

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