Temple Run 2 Apk Download Latest Version for Android (2019)

No doubt, Temple Run series games have been viral among Android gamers. After the success of the Temple Run game for Android, the developers of this game released a sequel of this game – Temple Run 2. And guess what? It’s better than it’s the previous version. So, if you want to download the latest version of Temple Run 2, then you just have come to the right place. Because, in this post, I’ll review this legendary game. You’ll get all the details regarding Temple Run 2 along with the download links of Temple Run 2 apk. So, read this post till the end if you want all the information’s about Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 Apk

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Temple Run 2 is a sequel version of Temple Run, which is a legendary game for Android devices. Temple Run series games are considered as one of the best endless running games for Android devices. This game has been viral among Android game lovers. If you love to play endless running games on your Android device, then you should try Temple Run 2. This game has better graphics, better elements in the game than it’s previous version. Temple Run 2 is such a popular Android game that it has over 500 Million+ downloads on the Google Play Store. This legendary game also got 4.3* ratings from the users. You can Run, Jump, Slide in the game and travel through the forest. The more distance you go, the more point you get. Overall, if you are bored, then you start playing this game on your Android device. It’ll give you an adrenaline rush for sure.[/su_box]

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Game Name Temple Run 2
Size 77.8 MB
Version v1.61.0
Required Android Version Android 4.1+
Category Arcade Game

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Temple Run 2 Apk Description

Temple Run 2 Apk

Android gaming has been trendy nowadays. We have Android gaming communities around the world, just like PC gaming. And it’s becoming as famous as a traditional PC or Playstation gaming. There are many reasons for the rising popularity of Android gaming. First of all, you can play games on your Android device anytime, anywhere. You can’t take your PC everywhere you travel, but we all have Android devices in our hands. So, we can play games on our Android devices in free time to reduce work stress.

There are thousands of Android game developers around the world who are making the latest Android games daily. Android is an open-source operating system, so it has the support of thousands of cool and exciting games that you can play on your Android device. There are many legendary Android games are available that became so popular with time. One of the best legendary Android game that has been very popular is Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 is the successor of Temple Run. Just like it’s predecessor, Temple Run 2 has similar gameplay and controls. However, this time, the developers give better graphics, smooth controls, and new elements in the game, which makes Temple Run 2 one of the best Android games ever made. Temple Run 2 has simple controls that help every aged people to play this game. If you are not familiar with Android gaming, still you can play this game on your Android device. And you’ll like it for sure.

The controls of Temple Run 2 is so easy that everyone can play this game without any issue. It has straightforward and smooth controls, HD graphics, and most of all, and it is a completely free game. You don’t have to purchase this game to play it on your Android device. Just download the Temple Run 2 Apk on your Android smartphone or tablet and install it to play.

The Gameplay

Temple Run 2 Apk

Coming to the gameplay, Temple Run 2 has the same story as its predecessor. As the name suggests, you escape from an ancient temple in the game and run over various places. A beast will follow you, and you have to escape from him. There is a limited path on the temple that you can use to run. If you failed to follow the track, the Beast would capture you, and the game will be over. So, the more time you play the game, you’ll get more coins.

You can use the coins to buy several extra elements, such as Characters and Boost packs in the game. There are also green gems in the game that you can collect and purchase additional items. There will be different difficulties such as Firetrap, narrow path, etc. will be in the game, and you have travel much distance possible without dying or caught by the beast. Temple Run 2 is an endless running game. So, you can play this game for infinity time. You have missions to complete in the game, but the more mission you’ll complete, the more you’ll get.

There are different obstacles in the game, such as Ziplines, Waterfall, mine tracks in the game. You can travel through these obstacles and cover as many distances as possible. Overall, Temple Run 2 is an excellent game to play in free time.

The Characters

Temple Run 2 Apk

You can acquire many characters in the game. There are 20+ characters in the game that you can unlock with coins and play as the character. You get only two free characters in the game that you can play with.

  • Guy Dangerous: Guy Dangerous is the default male character in the game.
  • Scarlett Fox: Scarlett Fox is the default female character in the game.

You can change the default character of your game from the Settings option of Temple Run 2. You can also change the appearance of the characters, and get attractive dresses, hats for the characters with the coins. There are many other exclusive characters in the game that you can get by spending coins and gems.

You can get some exclusive characters in Temple Run 2, such as Usain Bolt, Santa Clause, and many NFL players. So, you can choose which character is best for you and start playing with the character. There will be new characters in the game in different events. Overall, there are plenty of different characters available in Temple Run 2. You can purchase the characters and play the game. If you don’t want to buy any character, still you can play with the free characters.


Temple Run 2 ApkTemple Run 2 Apk

The controls of Temple Run 2 are very simple and straightforward. You’ll not get any visible buttons on your device’s screen while playing the game. You have to control your character by swiping. If you want to jump, then you have to swipe up on your screen. If you’re going to slide, you have to swipe down. And if you’re going to go right or left, you can swipe left to go left and swipe right to go in the right direction. Overall, it has pretty simple controls that you can use to play the game on your Android device. To control the characters, you can swipe anywhere on your screen and go left or right.

You can also control the game with the inbuilt gyroscope of your device and change the direction of the main character. Just tilt left or right your Android device, and your character will change the direction. You can tilt your device to collect the gems in the game. If you don’t have a built on gyroscope in your device, then you can use the swipe controls to control the character. You just have to make sure that you go through the right path, and the best don’t catch you in the game. After installing the Temple Run 2 Apk for the first time on your Android device, it’ll show instructions on your screen that’ll help you to control the game.


Temple Run 2 Apk

The graphics of Temple Run 2 makes it one of the best games for Android devices. The graphics of Temple Run 2 has been improved. You get super bright and HD graphics in the game. It’ll help you to get over to your character quickly. And the obstacles of this game look so real that you’ll not believe that it’s a 2D game. The developers have given minor details in the game, which makes it more realistic.

You’ll also get crystal bright colors in the game. It’ll adjust the graphics according to your device configuration. Overall, after playing Temple Run 2 on your Android device, you’ll not complain about the graphics of the game.


Temple Run 2 Apk

The gameplay sound of an Android game defines how perfect is the game. And in our case, Temple Run 2 has the perfect gameplay sound for the storyline. You’ll get exciting music sound in the background while playing the game. And there will be scray sound of the beast that is following you in the game. Every time you jump or slide, there will be different sounds for differnt actions. Not only that, but you’ll also get the sound of the waterfall while going through it in Temple Run 2. Overall, the developers of Temple Run 2 has given as much effort to make the sounds of the game as the graphics.

The music and the background sound of the game will be on by default. But, you can always adjust the audio and mute the sound anytime you want. Just go to the sound settings option from the main menu of Temple Run 2, and from there, you can adjust the sound of the game.

Download Temple Run 2 Apk Latest Version

You can download the latest version of this game from the link below. It is the direct link to download Temple Run 2 Apk on your Android device. The download link is completely safe and virus free. If the download link is not working for you, you can comment down in the comment section below, and we’ll fix the download link. After downloading the apk file, follow the installation process below to install the apk file on your Android device successfully.

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How to Install Temple Run 2 Apk on Android?

It’s an easy and straightforward process to install the temple run apk file on your Android device. I have described the step by step guide to install the apk file on your Android device. You can follow the installation process to install Temple Run 2 successfully.

  1. First of all, go to Settings>Security on your Android device and enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option from there. If you are using an Android 7.0+ device, then you have to allow your file manager to install an external apk file. If you have already done this step, you can proceed to the next step below.
  2. Download the apk file from the above link.
  3. Open the file manager on your device and go to the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  4. There you’ll find the apk file. Click on it to install.
  5. Click ‘Install’ to install the Temple Run 2 Apk on your device.
  6. It’ll take a few seconds to install the apk file. Just wait until the installation process completes.
  7. After completing the installation process, you can open Temple Run 2 from your app drawer.

Temple Run 2 Apk


How to Play Temple Run 2 on PC?

If you want to play this legendary game on a big screen, on your PC or Laptop, you can do that too. Temple Run 2 is not available for PC, but you can install it with an Android emulator. Just pick up your favorite Android emulator and install the Temple Run 2 apk file with it. After that, you’ll be able to play this game on your PC or Laptop.

To install and play Temple Run 2 on your PC, just follow the steps below.

  • First of all, download Bluestacks Android emulator from the link below and install it on your Windows PC/Laptop.

   Download Bluestacks

  • Now, download the apk file from the above link.
  • Install the apk file using Bluestacks.
  • That’s it! Now you can open Temple Run 2 from your app drawer and start playing it on your PC.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this post. If you liked it, you can share this post with your friends and family. Just use th share buttons below to share it with your friends and family on social media platforms. If you face any error during the installation process, you can comment down in the comment section below, and we’ll try to solve the problem. Also, don’t forget to share feedback in the comment section below. Visit the homepage of Androclue to get more cool posts like this.

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