The Best Mobile Apps for Brain Training

There’s a mobile app for just about everything. You can connect with friends, sort out your credit rating, waste a few hours blasting bubbles, or you can train your brain. Brain training can be used in all sorts of different ways to help us achieve the results that we desire. If the thought of working out the change for the bus terrifies you then you could practice some maths-based training to quell that fear. Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself forgetting some things and want to improve your memory. Whatever worry you have about your brain health, there’s probably the best mobile apps for brain training.

Learn to Play Poker

Learning a new game is a great way to improve your memory. Studies have shown that learning totally new skills helps to develop synapses in the brain. These synapses allow information to be passed around our brain and the more there are, the more efficiently this information can travel. Learning new skills and partaking in novel activities is the best way to build them and in the app world, games like poker are easy to come by and simple to learn. There are plenty of different mobile apps available for fans of poker, but some stand out above the others. This recent ClubGG review makes a comment on the fact that this app allows users to play for free, which is great for those who just want the brain training element, without needing to bet.

Learn a Language

Just as learning a new game builds those synapses, so too does learning a language. The big benefit with learning a language though, is that, well, you know a new language! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities both with taking a vacation and employment. Being able to communicate with people of different nationalities can be genuinely life changing and there are apps to help you with it. Babbel is a popular option as it helps people to learn in a way that is natural. When you learn to speak in your mother tongue you’re exploring the world around you and taking in lots of information very rapidly. Babbel teaches you a wide selection of vocabulary and then once your brain has started to connect the dots, the difficulty steps up. Single words become simple sentences, then simple sentences become short conversations. 

Improve Your Numeracy

There are hundreds of maths apps available that will all help you to learn in different ways. Photomath is a particularly good option for those who benefit from seeing an existing problem worked through. You can take a photo of any maths problem that you’re struggling with and the app will work it out for you and show you how it got there. The instructions are broken down into simple step by step sections, so you can clearly see how the app got from A to B, or X to Y in some cases! Although it can’t do every problem in the world it supports all kinds of maths from the most basic arithmetic, through to trigonometry, quadratic equations and more. 

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