Tips To Adjust The Temperature On Your Vape Pen

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We see vapes and e-cigarettes stores appearing on every corner right now. More and more people switch from regular cigarettes to vape pens because, if you do it right, it really may be safer and healthier. If you have some vaping history, you probably already know how important it is for the whole experience to be able to adjust the temperature. According to experts from ecigclick, dry hits happen and they can be extremely dangerous – sometimes the cotton even gets caught up in flames, that’s also when the vapor can become unhealthy. Luckily, it’s possible to prevent all that with temperature control. 

What are the benefits of temperature control?

When e-liquid is moving in your device, it actually cools your coils. Temperature control mode can help you detect when there’s too little liquid, hence too little movement which causes the coils to get too hot. It will automatically cut the power off to keep you and your cotton safe from burning. You won’t get hit with a nasty, burnt flavour – you will simply get less vapor and you will know that you need to refill it, for example. 

You may remember to keep the cotton soaked at most times for now but everyone can get a little distracted – accidents happen to the best of us so why should you take any chances? Temperature control will keep you safe and it will give your vaporizer a longer life. 

Oils and herbs taste different in different temperatures so you will be able to have a full vaping experience. 

How does temperature control work?

To use the mode properly and be sure that it’s working correctly, use only Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel coils. That’s because other types don’t change as much on the surface when heated and the TC mode cannot predict future changes in order to set the mode accordingly. 

It allows you to adjust the temperature on your vape pen but it controls it to avoid the overheat. If your vaporizer has this feature, you will be able to see selected power, change it upward and downward with buttons, and the device will make sure that the temperature stays exactly as you want it.

It’s especially helpful if you want to vaporize herbs. Unlike oils, they don’t all burn at the same temperature so if you don’t have a temperature control, you won’t be able to experience it to the fullest.

How to use temperature control?

  • Select the mode – this will depend on your device. It’s important not to guess so if you’re a first-time user, you’d better work with a user manual to make sure you’re not doing something wrong. Some vapors have only one mode and all you do is choose your coil type in the menu; some have more modes. There are others, especially the newest types, that can actually sense your coils and adjust itself.
  • Base settings – in order to make sure that your temperature control works properly, you will have to lock in your resistance at room temperature. Base settings will establish your temperature sensing and allow your device to know when it’s heating up. It’s recommended to set it at low wattage alongside low temperature – it will prevent your coil from burning. Some devices, though, don’t give you that kind of autonomy and they won’t let you change the settings as you want.
  • Know your device – it’s vital, especially if you have a high powered vaporizer so a lot to test. Start low and take your time to find the best temperature that will be safe for both you and your vape pen – stop at each interval to take a couple of hits. Watch how the vapor, the flavour and the whole experience change to be sure you find the best. Very often there isn’t only one perfect temperature as different heights bring out different flavours – so it depends on your personal likings.

Temperature control is becoming more and more common among vipers. It may not be very easy at first but there are special devices designed for beginners – they are available with the temperature control mode as well. After some time of vaping, you will be able to set everything almost automatically and you will know which temperature is best for which flavour. You will see for yourself that temperature control will provide you with a whole new range of experiences, and it will keep you and your device safer. It’s worth at least trying.


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