Top 3 services to OCR

We are living in a digital world and we often come across the need to use OCR to PDF conversion tools for getting our work done. In all such instances, you need to make sure that you are using the best services available for creating PDF with OCR. That’s where we thought of sharing 3 of the best tools available for PDF OCR conversion as of now. You may go through the list and pick the best OCR PDF service that is available for your use as of now. Then you can stick to it and get an enjoyable experience.


If you are looking for an online tool that can help you with getting OCR PDF services, you may go ahead with it is providing you with access to a quick and fast OCR PDF conversion process. Any person will be able to go through this conversion process and get OCR PDF conversion services for free. 

As of now, is one of the most compatible OCR PDF solutions that you can expect to find. That’s because it is highly efficient in terms of converting scanned files and images into PDF formats. On the other hand, you will be able to get a user-friendly interface on this tool for getting your work done as well. You just need to use the drag and drop interface for getting your work done on the tool. You can also proceed with converting PDF files into different other formats with the help of this tool. Hence, you can think about sticking to for all your PDF needs.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a desktop application that can assist you to get OCR PDF conversion services. However, it is a highly advanced solution, and you will be able to get numerous exciting features. That’s the main reason on why we thought of recommending Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to you as a solution and go ahead with. You can even think about using it as a comprehensive PDF solution. That’s because it is effective with recognizing text and then matching the recognized text with the font, so that you can get a better OCR PDF conversion experience.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can use the other powerful editing features that come along with it as well. For example, you will be able to get access to features such as combining files, page reordering, adding comments, and recognizing text.

  • OmniPage Ultimate

OmniPage Ultimate is an OCR PDF conversion tool that is developed by OmniPage. You will be able to proceed with using this tool for converting PDF files, paper documents, and even images into digitally stored files. On the other hand, it is offering many other advanced features, such as editing the documents and archiving the documents. 

It is important to keep in mind that OmniPage Ultimate is a desktop software. This desktop application is only available for Windows as of now. If you are currently on Mac, it would not be possible for you to get the maximum use out of this tool. While keeping that in mind, you may start using it.

Final words

Now you are aware about the best OCR PDF conversion tools that we can recommend. Simply go through these options and ensure that you pick the best tool out of them. Then you will be able to proceed with converting OCR to PDF without a challenge.

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