Top 5 Vape Apps for Android


Are you looking for the best vape apps for your android device? We are living in a digital world where people are dependent on their phones, and technology for their tasks. This is because they help them make their everyday tasks easy. 

In present times, there are numerous apps available on android. These apps have a wide range of features ranging from calculating your activity based on the vaping device to creating the best eliquids recipe. 

In this article, we have listed the top 5 vape apps you can find on Android devices. 

Smoke Free

It is one of the best vape apps available that is a smoking calculator. This app has plenty of different techniques for helping you and reducing cravings. The app will calculate how much money you have saved along with how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked. In addition, the app will also let you know how much control you have gained over your health. The vapers can get tips on how to decrease cravings. Furthermore, this app is the best Q/A app for smokers who want to quit. 

E-Cig Diary 

E-Cig Diary is a complete electronic cigarette app that is a daily diary. This app will help track your everyday savings and keep track of your health progress. The app also has a calculator for making e-liquid with a cookbook and mixer. This diary will keep a record of days you didn’t smoke, gained days of life, cost management, daily nicotine intake and much more. 


Introduced in 2018, this app is linked with Heavengifts. Since Facebook and YouTube is not a place for vaping, this app was developed. It has become a hot spot for YouTube vape stars. This app has the same public aspect as Facebook while the basic format is just like Instagram. 

When it comes to the interface of the app, it is extremely easy and simple to use. There are several features that you can access like vape dairy, vape calculator, e-liquid app, vape community. Vaffle is a social media platform, specially designed for vapers. On this platform, you can easily share your activities, buy new vapes, show your kits, and much more. 

Ohm’s Law

Another great vape app is Ohm’s Law. The best thing about this app is its intuitive and simple design. This app will allow you to calculate wattage, current, resistance, voltage, and power by just using two values. This app is free but comes with a lot of ads. In order to remove ads, you can pay $0.99. A great thing about this app is that it will help you understand the basics of vaping, so you can enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. 

Vape Boss

The Vape Boss is not just an app, it is a social platform for vapers. it features tips, latest news feeds, pictures sharing, shopping, etc. This is a free app that offers resources to vapers. With just a click, you can find nearby shops, trade vape products, and find your favorite e-liquid. 

To enjoy vaping, download the app that you like the best. Which is your favorite vape app? Let us know in the comments below.


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