Investment, its types and what are the risks involved in it

the Risks in Investment

Investment in business not only consists of profits but risks too. Most investments do not have a guaranteed rate of return. If you are one of the regular investors, then you must be willing to take risks in investments.

However, when you start investing, you are exposed to various types of risks. You will get more potential rewards in the long run if you are willing to take risks because the markets are always fluctuating. No one can guarantee you a profit for your investment, so it is you who needs to be aware of all the investment risks.

Moreover, you can also miss out on potential rewards if you choose to take minimal risks. Today, the best investment lies in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins because the profits that you will get by investing in these cryptocurrencies are worth it. 

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Types of Investment Risks:

Before investing in any business, you must be aware of all these risks beforehand so that you can get a high Return On Investment (ROI). Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further. Here are all the types of investment risks that can hold your attention for a while,

  1. Liquidity Risks:

This risk is also known as marketability risk. The risk is being unable to sell your investment at a fair price. However, sometimes you need to accept a lower price if you want to sell your investments.

This risk highlights the ability to find a ready market where the investor can sell the investment. Therefore, if your investment is less marketable or less liquid, it will display more risks.

  1. Foreign Investment risks:

This is another type of risk when investing in foreign countries, i.e., the risk of loss. For example, when you buy any foreign investments, the share of business in emerging markets.

You can face the risk of nationalization because the shares do not exist in Canada. Many investors can face this foreign investment risk. So, you must be aware of this risk if you are planning to invest in foreign countries.

  1. Political Risks:

Political risks come under the category of unsystematic risks. This risk is related to political parties and the economy of the country, which can severely affect your investment. 

You need to be very careful regarding this issue that is faced by every investor. On the other hand, political risks consist of administration, legislation, taxes, trade barriers, etc.

  1. Financial Risks:

Now, this is another type of risk that can be subjected to all individuals, financial markets, government entities, and businesses. Therefore, a company’s cash flow is not enough to cover the liabilities. 

This risk can severely affect the value of your investment in the long run. Thus, you need to be very careful when you are investing your funds in the market.

  1. Exchange Rate Risks:

Exchange rate risks are the risks that include the change in the value of the foreign currency and the cost of dollars during the investment period. However, it can affect the investor’s return negatively.

These investment risks can severely affect the domestic company or a foreign company that has supplies or customers. 

  1. Reinvestment Rate Risks:

This risk is related to the risk of loss from reinvesting income or principal at lower interest rates. However, these risks can affect when interest rates lower suddenly.  

You need to keep in mind that the market is always fluctuating and you have to move hand-in-hand with it. On the other hand, this investment can also affect if your bond matures, and you have to reinvest the principal. 

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the top investment risks that you must pay attention to very carefully. Before investing in any new business, research properly, and then decide to invest your funds. 

Investment risks are common in businesses that can help you to gain experience in this field. If you want to achieve profits, taking a risk is not a big deal. It can help to achieve success in the long run. 


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