What’s the Right Dota 2 Role for You?

Dota 2 seems to have so many moving parts that it’s often difficult to pinpoint them all. Yet, with some help, you should be able to arrive at a decision. Today’s topic – choosing the right role for you within a game of Dota 2. Now, while you may have placed bets on Dota 2 in the past, picking the right role for yourself may take some figuring out. 

There are several things to consider at the very least, and they have to do with your own ability to play the game, what roles are needed, and how far you can make it in a specific position. Of course, you also ought to ask yourself if you are looking to play competitively or more of a hobby. 

That matters, and we will now list several considerations to factor in when choosing the right part of the team for yourself in Dota 2. 

#1 What Do You Love Doing in Dota?

The simplest way to find the right role for you is to ask yourself – what do you enjoy doing most when it comes to a game of Dota? Is it dishing out pure physical damage, or perhaps you are more keen on doing some pulls, keeping the enemy’s offlaner at bay and generally play a tit-for-tat with the wards against the enemy’s support.

Then again, you may excel as a jungler or even a mid-laner. All positions are perfectly viable so long as you see yourself playing one. Once you know what you wish to play, you can start focusing your efforts in that direction. 

Of course, you will have to show some flexibility as well because a single role will hardly be enough to make it in any Dota 2 team, and besides, you want to be a little more flexible in general.

#2 Are You Actually Good at It?

Now, the good news is that you can teach yourself to play in any position, but there is another consideration to factor in. That is if you are naturally apt at something. Some players just tend to be better at supporting than carrying, and that is perfectly normal.

If you discover that you have a natural knack for one role over another, our advice is to quickly switch to that new role and make the most out of it. 

#3 Learn about All Roles

Before you end up picking, we would strongly suggest that you give each role a go. Learn them in some detail and be aware of the theories and so-called meta. Know what each role entails and why. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and reach out to the community and make sure to spend sufficient time playing each.

After a few plays in each role you will see what challenges and upsides there are and which ones make the most sense for you to play. Stick with the one that brings you the most joy, but keep experimenting intermittently. It’s never too late to change your role!

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