Why Control over Monetization is Important for App Publishers?

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Imagine a brand new day where you tactfully plan the launch of your new app alongside the execution of monetization strategies. Just as every other app publisher you might also be concerned about having all the controls in your hands. From app monetization to providing an optimal user experience, you must be looking for all the power to control these and much more. This article will take you through the importance of control over monetization for app publishers. Here is all that you need to know:

Control of Ad Formats for Mobile App Monetization 

Being part of this dynamic, ever-changing industry app publishers are seen struggling with monetization every now and then. Out of all the major concerns, app publishers find intrusive ad formats as the biggest challenge. According to them, the intrusive ad formats for mobile app monetization foster churn rate and halt revenue generation. Besides, they also find irrelevant ads as a serious threat to user experience.  

This leads us to understand the importance of the freedom to choose non-intrusive ad formats to maintain a great user experience. Every app publisher deserves to enjoy the control of mobile app monetization mechanics that enhance user experience. To be able to do so, app publishers must find the best mobile app monetization platforms that enable them to choose from the best. Not just this, the platform must empower an app publisher to choose the type of ads for monetization.  

A good mobile app monetization platform must offer multiple latest ad formats that perfectly align with the UI/UX of different app workflows. In addition, app publishers must be able to select the ad genres that potentially match their app’s audience preferences and interests.  This will not just make monetization seamless but will also enhance user experience at most.

Transparency and Control of Optimization

Would you ever prefer opting into something without knowing what it may lead to? Absolutely not! This is exactly what app publishers look forward to when choosing an ad mediation platform or a mobile Ad Network for app monetization. All they want is transparency!

They often complain about not being informed regarding the terms and conditions before opting in for the process of monetization. Alongside, app publishers want to know each and every bit of the revenue being generated. From the number of impressions being achieved to the eCPMs being maintained everything is essential for them to know.

Moreover, they must be empowered with the control to monitor performance across apps and optimize revenue growth at ease. To be able to enjoy this, app publishers need to opt for monetization platforms that offer comprehensive dashboards. The platforms must provide complete information and segregation of data with relevance to monetization. This must include the segregation of performance data by brands, regions, apps, ad networks, ad types and more.

Control to Create Your Build

They enjoy the liberty and ease of creating and designing the build for mobile app monetization besides just easy integration. Thus, every publisher’s dream is to find a mobile app monetization platform that facilitates them to create a personalized build. A publisher must be able to control the ad placement, select the ad type, choose categories and apply suitable filters. The control to create a build empowers app publishers to monetize the way they want to at ease.

Setting up monetization just as one wishes to, enables the app publishers to choose the best for their mobile app. App publishers must always choose a mobile app monetization platform that offers complete control of build creation without any complex operations. By doing so, he can get a better idea of in-app events and changing user behaviours to later optimize the build.

Heading one step forward, after that all choices are made and monetization is set up, let’s talk about auto-mediation.

Control over Auto-Mediation

Auto-mediation allows app publishers to earn the highest while doing absolutely nothing. The auto-mediation feature automatically picks the highest paying Ad Network to serve a quality ad. However, some app publishers prefer creating and managing waterfall all by themselves. This is one reason why auto-mediation should be offered as a feature with the ease to turn it on or off.   

An app publisher must pick an ads management platform that provides smooth auto-mediation at just one click. The ads management platform should enable app publishers to instantly switch on auto-mediation when they want to. Publishers must be able to earn the best based on the impressions that their app generates within a defined period.

Why Control over Monetization is Important?

By now you must have multiple answers to this question. Why control over monetization is important for app publishers? One solid answer is to earn optimal in-app revenue with the least hassle of monetization.

Having ample control to design a build, choose non-intrusive ad formats, improve user experience and more, they can boost in-app revenue. Significantly, the control to use auto-mediation when required, empowers the app publisher to optimize revenue generation.

Keeping the needs and concerns of app publishers in mind, the professionals at ConsoliAds have engineered a one-stop ads management platform. ConsoliAds allows app publishers to control each aspect of monetization. From enhancing user experience, providing the choice of ad formats, ensuring transparency to offering comprehensive dashboards, ConsoliAds does it all right! Adding to the ease of integration and monetization, the platform enables smooth auto-mediation allowing app publishers to earn the best.

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