Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Android App Than iOS

With about 6.3 billion smartphone users globally in 2021, the number is expected to rise to 7.1 billion by 2024. The increase in demand for smartphones has kept developers on their toes to develop new developments each day.

Smartphones operate with the help of various operating systems. These operating systems include Android, Samsung windows, iOS, Kaios, among others. However, android and IOS operating systems have taken over the market, with android leading with 72.83% of the market share and android following with a wide gap of 26.35%.

The big question that will linger for long is why the android operating system has succeeded at overtaking the market share with such a big gap. First and foremost, we need to clearly understand the features of these two operating systems hence to be able to develop a viable conclusion.

Android operating system features

Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. It has a beautiful user interface that is very appealing to customers. It is multilingual, supporting both single and bi-directional texts. One of the most outstanding features of android is discovering a high-bandwidth peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection and connection. It allows multitasking as one can run several applications at the same time.

There are various advantages a developer may accrue for developing for android. The benefits include flexibility, learning resources, ecosystem, and publishing the app. However great android operating system may seem beneficial to a developer, it also has few drawbacks such as possible security issues and quality assurance.

iOS features

it is an operating system that supports only Apple devices. It is secure as it is only compatible with only devices hence providing security to your data. It has a sleek user interface that provides developers with guidelines for the creation of the apps. The operating system also has high performance as it is reliable, fast, has fewer bugs, and is easy to use.

Factors such as user location, budget intended to be used, uniqueness of the interface, time available for development, and the target audience should always act as a baseline on deciding which operating system to develop your app for.

Reasons why your android app is likely to succeed than iOS

The market data

“When comparing the two operating systems in terms of their market dominance, android takes the lead. Therefore, developing an android app will have a broader market in the world. The app is likely to be downloaded by many people on the android platform hence becoming a success. In IOS, the market share is not as comprehensive as for android; hence your app will not reach a broad audience. Android is also leading in terms of sales of smartphones.” – North European Growth Manager at Ninja Online Casino

The google play store supports the android operating system. Hence developing your android app makes it available on the google play store, which takes the leading position in the world with over three million apps.

In terms of considering the future of the application, android provides an environment with high sales that is not likely to be overthrown anytime soon.In terms of app download, google play accounts with the most downloads compared to iOS. An android app has a high likelihood of being downloaded.

High revenue raised

Profitability is your goal in developing an app. The more you are exposed to a broader market, the chances of downloads increasing, leading to higher revenue income.


In the Android operating system, it is easy to customize anything to fit your requirements. This is an important feature as a developer as one can play around with the operating system and design an outstanding application.

iOS has limited customization; hence a developer has little room to play around with the operating system.

A wide array of languages

Android operating systems offer more than one hundred languages. This ensures that your application is not limited due to any language barriers. A developer has several choices to choose from for their application.

iOS has only thirty-four languages that do not even reach a quarter of the different languages available. A developer developing an app for iOS will have a limited range of languages to choose from.


Android is an open-source operating system. This means that anyone can access the application. It makes it easier for developers to develop an application, and it will be supported with the system without purchasing.

iOS systems have closed operating systems that only work with Apple devices. A developer has to purchase relatively costly apple devices. They also have a higher lifetime value that means customers are prone to spending extra cash inside the application to buy additional content. This will force the customers to shy away from downloading the application.

Application ecosystem

An android operating system can be used on a wide range of devices such as Samsung and HTC. this feature allows a developer to have their application on different models. iOS is only limited to Apple devices hence causing a barrier to a vast market.

The target audience

Believe it or not, both of the operating systems have a concentration area. For instance, the iOS operating system is most prevalent in middle east countries. Therefore, an android app is likely to flop in these areas.

An android app will succeed in areas that embrace the android operating system, such as the African continent. The highest number of smartphone owners use the Android operating system. Statistics have proved that developing application for android operation system targets audience in technical or medical fields are more successful.


Both two operating systems can host your application according to your specifications. However, the android app is likely to succeed more as the android operating system dominates the market. The app is also likely to succeed due to the target audience, revenue generated, open-source of the system, and the ecosystem nature of the android operating system.

It is important to note that although there are other features of the iPhone operating system that make it better, such as security, we focus on how an android application will do in the market.


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