Why JavaScript Developers will NEVER make over $55000

As the world changes dynamically, the list of professions in demand in the labor market is systematically updated. With the emergence of innovatively fast and powerful technologies, the most popular jobs are beginning to disappear and gradually be replaced by innovations.All in all, including all these factors, the question arises whether JavaScript Developers will NEVER make over $55000.

With the advent of the era of web development, this field has become extremely popular among people who cannot imagine their lives without programming and coding. The developers had a number of crazy advantages and a very attractive and satisfactory salary. But over time, due to the creation of various platforms and programs, this work has lost its uniqueness and great popularity.

In this article, I’m going to look through whether it’s possible for developers to really make a huge amount of money at this time, and what factors influence that possibility. I hope that this article will help you find the answers to the questions you need, read and enjoy.

What is JavaScript and why it is so important?

is a programming language that allows you to implement a number of complex solutions in web documents. It helps to make the pages of the website more interactive by publishing the actions of the users of the site. It is an object-oriented client language that supports additional elements that work with a design site. JavaScript became even more popular among developers when AJAX technology appeared, which led to a new stage in website developers.

With the exception of a few separate compounds of technology application:

  1. Display of content that is periodically updated (interactive maps);
  2. Creation of high-quality animation and graphic objects in 2D / 3D format;
  3. Option to scroll videos in media applications.
  4. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the third required block on which most standard web interfaces are built.

Who is a JavaScript Developer and what are his duties?

A Java Developer is a person who is in charge of generating, creating, developing and managing all the applications which are developed by Java. Nowadays, there are plenty of different companies of various sizes and powers, which definitely are working on the process of developing Java apps. Such organizations hire developers of different levels and skills. Not only ranges and their abilities, but also their kind of work and current roles greatly changes due to the applications, one person can work on just one app or maintain two or more apps simultaneously.

Moreover, JavaScript developers are cooperating with other front-end web coders, and are mostly qualified in markup and styling. They are in a head of running logical interfaces, which correspond to the state and actions of the visible files of the web application.

One of the main responsibilities of a developer is to always follow the latest implementation and gradually develop new skills and improve already acquired skills. It is very important to always find different approaches to solving any problems and different tasks.

What influences on the wage of the developer?

The salary of IT specialists is the most attractive among all spheres of the labor market. It is clear that there are internal stratifications in pay between experienced developers and those who are just entering the profession, but this can serve as an additional motivation for beginners to improve their professional level.

Generally, JavaScript is the essentially initial programming language for every developer ranging from the beginner to the advanced user because of its simplicity and versatility. In addition, this programming language is reasonably easy to get acquainted with and in case that the developer is aware of other programming languages; it will be really unchallenging for him to start working with Java. As a consequence, all these factors incredibly influence the amount of wage on the various levels of qualification. Also, apart from these important factors there are others such as country, skills, abilities, knowledge and work experience.

Is a job as a JavaScript developer still in demand?

If you are thinking about being a JavaScript developer you can be obviously glad to know that it is still one of the most popular and specifically oriented on huge demand in the programming industry.

By the analysis and the percentage and the number of job requests, the necessity of qualified workers is rapidly increasing. So, that fact can be really satisfying for the beginners.

So according to the fact that a job as a JavaScript developer is still quite popular let’s proceed to the average sum that they earn around the world.

Due to some researches we can see that the sum in different countries has quite big differences:

In Australia they earn approximately: $112,229 per year

In Canada they earn approximately: $82,786 per year

In Germany they earn approximately: €58,108 per year

In India they earn approximately: ₹ 5,18,875 per year

In South Africa they earn approximately: R 472 710 per year

In United Kingdom they earn approximately: £49,001 per year

In United States they earn approximately: $111,069 per year

Why will JavaScript Developers NEVER make over $55,000?

Is it possible make over $55,000? Yes of course, but the main problem is experience. If you are experienced and have a lot of knowledge, you can easily earn a lot of money. According to the analysis of the annual salary above, I can say that it depends not only on the location of work, but also of years of the work. Also as an advice, the best way to improve your skills you can attend special trainings, courses and learn other programming languages. Accordingly, if your knowledge and many years of experience will be at a high level, you will definitely be able to earn a huge amount of money.

Talking about the beginners and not very qualified developers, they unfortunately do not have the opportunity to make over $55,000. That’s all because of lack of knowledge, lack of spontaneous thinking and lack of responsibility. Moreover, the reason can lie in the absence of the desire to improve their level and abilities.


Summarizing all the above, we can draw a general conclusion. It all depends on you in the first place. If you are interested in earning a large amount of money, you will try accordingly and do everything to achieve the desired goal. Your knowledge and experience skills are also important. If you have a long experience and a knowledge base, you will have the same salary. And of course, the place where you work or in which country and for which company plays a great role. I advise you to read the contents of this article again and draw some conclusions and benefits. I wish you never hesitate to change something, because any change always leads to something good.

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