5 Main Areas Where Technology Is About to Greatly Improve our Lives

We have to admit that in the past two decades technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Even though the influence of artificial intelligence is quickly making improvements in society, there are a few areas in which the biggest changes are yet to come. In sectors like the fashion industry, agriculture and sports, cutting-edge tech solutions are on the horizon that will forever change the way we interact with these topics. 

Take a look at these 5 areas where technology is about to go through some massive changes and what you can expect to see in the future! 

1. The Fashion Industry

Before we know it AI will be choosing our outfits for us! Just recently a brand called Finery Company launched a digital wardrobe that can help you choose what to wear. By manually uploading pictures of your wardrobe into the system, the app acts as a sort of digital organizer allowing you to get a clear picture of your wardrobe, all from your smartphone. 

For now, you’ll still have to choose your outfits yourself. But in the future, AI technology will likely be integrated into similar apps to allow AI to choose compatible outfits for you. Until that day comes, you’ll just have to rely on some retailers like Shein that are ahead of the tech game. By incorporating social media reviews and influencers into their review platform, brands like Shein are using the best tech to improve their fashion platforms. By using a Shein coupon code you can get in on this trend and save! 

2. Public Safety

AI in public safety has been a controversial topic in the news lately with many people trying to decide if it’s a positive or negative thing. People in favor argue that including more AI into the public safety sector will make society safer by utilizing tools such as facial recognition, biometrics and even automated police robots. Critics claim that AI solutions will lead to violations in personal privacy. No matter which side of the debate you land on, it’s likely that we will continue to see AI infiltrating the public safety realm in the near future. 

3. Agriculture

AI powered technology will soon completely revolutionize the agriculture industry. For better or worse, human labor will likely be replaced by robots that can plant, seed and sow crops without ever tiring. This could lead to massive improvements and streamlining of food production, and as a result, will result in cheaper, healthier and more readily available food. By using AI and machine learning-based surveillance systems, farmers can also actively monitor their crops in real-time to look out for things like human or animal breaches. 

4. Digital Assistants 

Digital assistants have come a long way from simply making phone calls and the technology is set to only get more and more advanced. Soon digital assistants will be common in every workplace and they’ll be able to perform important functions like schedule meetings, take appointments and remind employees about important dates or events. Digital assistants are getting fancier too – just recently Amazon announced three new models of their Echo digital assistants all featuring touch screens. 

5. Sports

Electronic devices and gadgets have influenced sports just as much as they have other industries. While it may seem like sports are one of the few tech-free areas in life, tech has actually been influencing sports for quite a while now through things like baseball’s radar guns and computerized ball trackers in tennis. There are many tech products on the horizon that could revolutionize sports but one of the most promising is smart soccer balls. Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide and smart soccer balls allow players to track their progress digitally and use that data to improve their game.

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