A Guide to Playing Bingo on Your Phone

Bingo on Your Phone

With a host of options for playing bingo online, and more and more sites optimizing their games for mobile, it’s never been a more interesting time to start playing bingo on your smartphone. Here’s our guide on how to get started and how to choose the best sites and games. in this blog, you will find a guide to playing Bingo on your phone.

Mobile Optimization

In the early days of online bingo, playing on anything other than a desktop PC was very difficult, if not impossible, thanks to the fact that most bingo sites were built using flash. Apple never supported the program in iOS, and although early versions of Android allowed for limited functionality, modern updates have removed the ability to interact with flash-based websites. You can still install Adobe Flash by deactivating a few security settings, but we really don’t recommend this. Flash was not created with modern touchscreen phones in mind.

Luckily, the best bingo sites realized this early on and began building their games using the more modern and widely-supported HTML5 protocol. The latest version of HTML allows websites to adjust their size and scaling to the dimensions of your device’s screen, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC, meaning no more squinting at text that was clearly written with a desktop-user in mind! 

Many of the most successful and popular bingo companies build their websites in HTML5, meaning that there won’t be any issues with playing bingo on your smartphone. Another benefit of HTML5 vs Flash is that you won’t need to download anything to begin playing, meaning that your data plan won’t take a huge hit every time you log in to play!

The Different Types of Online Bingo

Online bingo comes in a variety of themes and styles, ranging from Rainbow Riches to games themed around TV shows such as Deal or No Deal. You also have the choice between US-style 75 Ball Bingo and the 90 Ball Bingo that used to be more common in Europe than the US. 

Within the game types, the basic principles remain the same; players buy a ticket with the aim to cross off as many numbers as possible before their fellow players, and those who get a line or a full house collect prizes. However, you’ll find that 75 Ball Bingo focuses on getting a full house, so games tend to run for longer, but many players feel that these longer games are worth it for the prizes. 90 Ball Bingo has even more ways of winning, so games are more fast-paced in that variant. 

Online Bingo

You’ll find a host of bingo variations on the big websites and all have their own merits and variations to make playing more interesting. 

Look For a Sign-Up Bonus

For a final tip on starting online bingo on your phone, make sure to look out for a good sign-up bonus. Most sites offer some kind of welcome bonus, ranging from free spins to exclusive bingo rooms. Free spins are a great way of trying out the game before you start seriously playing. Have a quick search to find an offer that takes your fancy and remember to have fun!


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