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Antena View APK Download for Free Fire (Guide 2020)

Modification of online games become the latest trend in the current generation. Every player wants an extra edge over their favorite game. At the current era battle, royale games are mostly playing and downloaded on Google Play Store and one of the famous games Garena Free Fire. The game is a direct competitor of PUBGM and CODM and possesses all those qualities which make you fond of the game. But surviving in the battle royale gameplay is very challenging and only PRO player survives till the end. If the game is new for you and you want to increase your gaming level by winning games instantly then you should need to connect Antena View with your gaming app.

The Antena View is a 3rd party application for Android Os and the main reason behind the development of the application is to provide a surface for all those players who can’t play games professionally. With the assistance of app features like Antena Head and Antena Hand, you can play the game with the batter strategy. Because you will trap the current location of your opponent in the game easily. If you are using the app then only you can get the location of others including your team members.Antena View

The system of locating enemies is based on long Antena stick which is quite long in size and it can be easily navigated on long distance. Antena Stick colors are different for enemies and teammates, so you can easily get the information on long-distance who is your gaming partner or who is your enemies. There are 2 main functions Antena Head and Hand! when you choose head setting the stick will pop up on the head and when you select hand it will show on hand. And the best thing the stick will visible all times either you are in an open area or in a hidden place like in a house, cars, water, grass, etc.

How to use Antena View on Android Os?


The application’s latest version is 7.0 which currently supports the updated version of Garena Free Fire compatible with Android Os. IOS and Pc version are not yet released, once they will update, we will also share with you guys. Now follow the guide below to navigate the app easily.


  • The first thing is you have to download and install the app on your phone.
  • If you Garena Free Fire fan and looking for additional cheats, you must try Tool Skin because it will unlock premium skins of free fire.
  • We recommend using the official website of Antena View to download the updated version of the app.
  • Install the app and start the app.
  • Allow media permission and on the front menu, you will see 3 options.
  • Select the desire option as per your requirement.
  • Each option will entertain you with amazing facilities.
  • After choosing the option, start the game by a tap on below start buttons.
  • Now the game will start with the applied change you will feel the applied changes from the begging.

Is Antena View safe?

Yes, your Free Fire gaming account is 100% protected from being banned. Because the version is already protected with Anti-Ban and Anti-Report features. So, you can enhance your gaming experience without any hassle.


  • Antena Head.
  • Antena Hand.
  • Map purgatory [HD].
  • Auto Aim Lock.
  • Head-shot aim.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • Anti-report.
  • Support virtual chinse.
  • No need to clone.

Don’t ignore the Antena View APK features if you real game of Free Fire game, because the game will change the entire gameplay of the game. And it will provide something very interesting which you can have never imagine yet. Get the app and enjoy the boundless features of the Antena View (Free Fire) app.

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