Apps Every Music Lover Needs to know About


Smartphones are mainly used for various functionalities which include applications for various reasons. Nowadays we can easily stream music on our smartphone without wasting our storage with lots of music. There are more than 1800 music apps available in the market which works in many similar ways. In this article, we will discuss a few selected apps which every music lover needs.

Best Music Apps for Music Lovers:

We have listed down the best available music apps available for Smartphone users. Read the complete details of these apps before downloading them from the below-provided link.

sound cloud

This is one of the largest audio distribution platforms which is basically focused on promoting and sharing. It was founded in August 2007, and currently, it is used by the majority of music lovers. This service is also offering likes option which will enable you to get the popularity of any particular music. You can even Buy SoundCloud Likes which will boost your promotion procedure in this platform.

Download Link>> SoundCloud

2. SoundHound:


This particular platform became successful due to the ability to search for any music. This functionality is much similar to the Shazam app, but apart from that you can even sing and hum the tune in this application. You can play that particular music directly from the application and you will also get to see lyrics in real-time. You can even add any particular music in your playlist in your application.

Download Link>> SoundHound

3. Magic Piano:

Magic Piano

This application is rather different than most of the applications on the list. It will help you to play any particular music by guiding you to the right keys. This is one of the best ways to learn the basics of playing the piano directly from your smartphone. The application will enable you to personalize any note or rhythm and save it in the application. Apart from that instrument into harp or organ in case you are bored for playing piano for too long.

Download Link>> Magic Piano

4. Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke

Best way to enjoy and enhance your singing skills directly from your smartphone. You can sing your favorite songs with the original teams and record them using the application. It will also allow you to share your recorded song into the application and other social media platforms. Apart from singing solo songs, it will also allow you to have done it with any pre-recorded tracks available in the application library.

Download Link>> Sing! Karaoke

5. Slacker:


If you are looking for the best streaming service for music apart from the current app you are using, then you should go for Slacker. It is basically offering you customized radio stations only for music experts. You can also check out the featured stations already available in the application to get started with your music. 

Download Link>> Slacker

6. Songkick:


If you are one of such music lover who loves to go to concerts, then this application will definitely benefit you. It will let you create a personalised calendar especially for the concert which will give you the alerts. You just need to add your favorite music artist, and the app will give you notification once they are available in your nearest location.

Download Link>> Songkick


Music apps will help you to have a good time with pleasant music in your ears. We have collected complete information regarding the most useful music app from different sources and user reviews and posted them in this article for you. Share this informative article with others, so that you know about the best music apps available for smartphones. 


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