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Are Mobiles the Future of Gaming?

Gaming has come a long way since its introduction to the world. Despite the industry being faced with caution and uncertainty in the early days, we are now living in a time where the world has embraced video games completely, to the point where every household will likely have a device capable of playing video games. There is no doubt that gaming is the leading form of entertainment, something that can be seen by the industry’s remarkable growth over the years. Today, many might say that the most favoured way of playing video games is via dedicated devices such as consoles or PC gaming, but this seems to be changing. In this blog, you will know that are mobiles the future of gaming

When people are faced with the notion that mobile gaming might be the way forward, they will likely act dismissively. This makes sense too, as mobile gaming at the moment cannot touch the current standard of gaming, which is playing on a console or PC. These people might also point to the fact that various forms of mobile gaming already exist, such as mobile phones themselves, and handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation Vita. However, once the benefits of mobile gaming are considered, a future where it is the standard might not be so hard to imagine.

The main and obvious advantage of gaming on mobile is of course the fact that is a portable experience, something that consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation could never hope to be. As people grow up and find themselves leading busier and busier lives, gaming on the move is something likely to become increasingly important as it can be hard to find the time to sit down and game. As it stands currently, pulling out something like a Nintendo Switch be awkward in public as no matter how portable it claims to be, it is still bulky. However, pulling out something like a phone and playing games on it is much more acceptable, and something we already do.

There is also the cost of the phone itself. Most people will already have a phone that they own but having a dedicated device for gaming is an extra cost. In a future where all gaming is accessed on the phone, there will be no need for a dedicated device meaning people will save greatly by not buying one.

Phones can be seen as a kind of infotainment hub. While they are still limited today, it is not hard to see a future where anything and everything a person would need is available on the phone. Want to play the latest triple-A release? Pull out the phone. Fancy a bit of gambling too? Those who want to can also use the phone to access these popular options online.

It is clear that gamers will not be making the switch to mobile anytime soon as the technology is not quite there. However, as technology develops, mobile phones will likely be the preferred way to play video games.

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