Best back workouts at home to try without any equipment

back workouts at home
back workouts at home

Why are professionals recommending people to do back workouts at home? Our generation is spending an extreme amount of time sitting and crouching. The upper and lower back structure and support are vital for our survival. Without them, we can’t tie our shoes or carry purses and backpacks. And a well-toned back is aesthetically pleasing as you can pull off the best suits and strapless dresses. But modern lifestyle commonly injures this major part. We hunch over laptops and mobile phones for hours.

Irrespective of the age group, you have to maintain a healthy back. But sitting for hours on end can strain the spine and discs. The challenge is to inculcate a habit of stretching and moving, like yoga, or sports. Also, various exercises strengthen the muscles in the back. The following back workouts at home stabilize the erector muscles that surround and support the spine. They are also suitable for upper body muscles (lats), superficial back muscles (rhomboids), and the lower back (lumbar region).

Hip hinge back workouts at home

Stand up straight and put the hands on the hips. Feet should be firmly on the ground and slightly wider than the hips. Engage the core, push the ribs down, and pull shoulders slightly back with the neck in a neutral position. Bend forward to waist in a slow, controlled way.

Align shoulders and hips while you do this movement. Once you are parallel to the floor, bring yourself back to the starting position. Do not round the back and keep the spine in a neutral position. Repeat 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions with 30 to 60 seconds rest between sets. Beginners can also sit in a chair and bend forward to 45 degrees.

Superman back workouts at home

Lie down flat on stomach, with ankles touching each other, and chin to ground. Straighten arms outward into the superman position. Rest palms flat on the ground, and pull yourself few inches off the ground. Fully contract the arms and legs, while you elevate hands and feet at the same time. Hold this position and repeat it thrice with 30-sec static holds and 30 to 60 secs rest between sets.

Back and booty blasters back workouts at home

This home exercise improves the shape of buttocks, hamstrings, and inner thighs. But it also enriches the posterior chain of muscles along the entire back. Lie flat on the stomach and lift the chest. Arch your back and take the hands to the back and interlace them. Lift your feet until your hands touch near the heels. Now slowly move the legs apart and bring them back together. Repeat this exercise 20 times to strengthen the back.

Dolphin kick – An easy workout for your lower spine

Lie face down on a bench with hip crease at the end of the bench. Grip the hands to the underside of the bench and rest the feet on the ground. Straighten the legs while raising them. It is one of the finest back workouts at home for the lower spine. At the top of the movement, toes should be away from the body. Hold the static position for 5 seconds, and then drop feet below the bench. Contract them again for 4 additional repetitions. Beginners can move hips further up the bench for trunk support. Repeat 3 sets of 5 repetitions with 30-60 seconds of in-between rest.

Push-up hold – A holistic exercise for your back

You can build muscle using this simple, push-up hold exercise. Get into the push-up position with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Feet should be hip-width apart, and the body should have straight alignment. Now, bend your elbows, and lower the body just a few inches above the ground. Hold, take a deep breath, press half-way up, and hold for another deep breath.

Now lower the back down to your lowest point for another deep breath. Return to half-way point for another hold and deep breath. This isometric exercise bears better results if you repeat for 5 times.

Reverse snow angels – Childish play-turned workout

Lie flat on the stomach with arms to side and palms facing down. The forehead should be on the ground with hands and shoulders a few inches off the ground. Use slow, controlled motion to bring arms above shoulders. Bring them up to ears till the thumbs meet above the head. Bring arms back to the starting position slowly. Arms should be straight, and elbows should be in a locked position throughout the entire movement. Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions with 30 to 60 seconds rest in-between.

Up against the wall on hands – Spiderman

Start in a push-up position with feet against the wall. Walk the feet up the wall while keeping a core tight. Keep the hips flexed and the spine neutral. Place the palms at width as your hands close in on the wall. Once, nose and toes touch the wall, the position is complete. Make sure the palms placement is firm, and the core is rigid for a hollow position. Walk back down on your hands in a controlled manner. Repeat thrice with half a minute holds and 30 to 60 seconds of rest in-between.

Plank with lateral arm raise – Balance back workout

It is one of the best back workouts at home for anyone. It will challenge your balance and gives the back an abs workout. The idea is to move the limbs away from the body core. First, get into the straight arm plank position. The hands should be below and also in line with the shoulders. Make sure the feet are slightly wider than the hip-width distance.

Keep the hips still, and lift one arm to the shoulder’s height. Return to the center and lift the other arm similarly. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each side.

Do not overdo these exercises to increase the benefits. Start slow and increase the frequency slowly. If you have any backbone related medical condition, talk to a doctor before starting these home workouts.


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