Big Brand, Small Brand: Choosing an Android Phone

Choosing an Android Phone

One of the big things that attracts so many users to Android devices is the huge amount of variety that’s on offer – with other flagship brands like the iPhone, it’s one set of devices from one manufacturer, often missing features with no way to find alternatives which many look for when taking part in growing mobile hobbies as they’ve become gaming platform with big favorites here and multimedia devices for movies and music too. So, if a phone upgrade is on the horizon, what’s the best way to choose between a bigger, oftentimes more expensive brand, or something a bit smaller and less well known? Choosing an Android Phone-

Price is certainly one consideration when Choosing an Android Phone, the latest flagship offers from the likes of Samsung are starting to fall out of the reasonable price range that some would consider to be realistic as some start verging closer towards the $2,000 price tag – the good news is that with so many different manufacturers offering android devices, it’s easy to find a device that fits any price bracket. It may mean that there’s some sacrifices that need to be made on features, but if some offers are at just 1/10th the price, it’s a trade off that’s fair to make. 

The physical features should also be considered here too, as modern devices have moved away from traditional connectors and dropping support for desired features too – the most notable recently have been within the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and expandable memory slot that used to be common but are now rare to find on the latest releases – many manufacturers still very much support these hardware options though and it isn’t too hard to find them if users are willing to look at options away from just Samsung and the other biggest manufacturers. 

Finally comes the support for different apps and programs on the device itself – Android devices have long been known to have access to multiple different app stores and marketplaces which means there’s a lot of variety for what can be chosen. It’s important to keep in mind that choosing a different marketplace aside from the official Google marketplace could lead to issues with security, but common sense can avoid many of these issues and can ensure a device is kept as safe as possible.

There are plenty of great devices out there that are packed full of features and come at a great price too, it may just mean choosing a less known brand to tick all the right boxes.


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