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Mobile Vs. Desktop Sports Betting

We live in the golden age of online sports betting. A few decades ago, placing a bet on your phone or desktop was unimaginable. Today, thanks to technological advancements, top sportsbooks like Betway are a few keystrokes away. Yet, the fact that there are so many ways to bet on sports is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing. Is there a superior way to access your favorite sportsbook? In this guide, we compare mobile sports betting to desktop sports betting and weigh their pros and cons. 

What are the benefits of betting on a PC?

Nearly everyone has a PC, either at home or at work. And because smartphones are a relatively new invention, most sports betting sites were originally designed to be accessed on a PC. This, and the fact that many people can navigate a computer easily, make PC betting the easiest form of betting. All you need to do is access a sportsbook and place your bet – no installations required.

PC betting is also popular because of the screen size and multi-tab function. Whether you are tracking different bets, working as you bet, or betting on a live game, a PC offers more flexibility. It lets you open different windows and view games and statistics on a larger screen. This is especially beneficial in sports betting, where details are everything.

You also do not need to install a sportsbook on your PC to bet, making PC betting faster, more accessible, and more storage-efficient. 

Are there drawbacks to PC betting?

Yet you cannot bring your PC with you everywhere you go. PCs, by their very nature, are large and difficult to transport. You cannot use your computer to bet on the go or outside your home.

PCs can also alienate tech novices. If you are not familiar with how a computer works, you may have a harder time betting on it than you would a mobile app.

What about betting on your mobile phone?

So, in comes mobile betting. Smartphones and tablets offer all the functionality of PC betting with more convenience and mobility. If you like to bet on the go, betting on your phone allows you to keep wagering wherever you are, whether on the bus, at the coffee shop, or the gym.

Many mobile apps offer offline functionality so that you can check your account balance or review your past bets even without an internet connection. Essentially, mobile phones provide maximum engagement, so you never have to disconnect from your betting routine.

As technology advances, mobile phones are also getting faster. User interfaces are simpler and easier to use, and once you install a sportsbook app onto your phone, you can unlock many useful features. These would typically not be available on a PC site. 

Is mobile device betting always convenient?

But mobile betting is not all positive. The smaller screen is harder to navigate and increases your chances of error. You can easily miss a key statistic or click the wrong button. Additionally, because we associate cyberattacks more with PCs than phones, mobile security is often lax.

Which is better?

Ultimately, whether you bet on your PC or mobile phone comes down to personal preference. PC screens allow for more accurate betting, and PC sites do not take up disc space. On the other hand, mobile betting is more convenient and allows you to bet on the go. Consider combining both options for the ultimate betting experience. Top sportsbooks like Betway even offer a PC and mobile app version of their sportsbook.

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