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Queen City of the South’s Safest War Zone

The concept of Ayala Center Cebu Videoke is not unusual for Filipinos. Everyone in the Philippines is an avid fan of tightening the bond in between using Karaoke machines and singing their hearts out endlessly until the sun shines again for another day. Having a safe war zone to release all sorts of emotions you are feeling right now is a good thing. Thanks to the Ayala Center Cebu, anyone can now have a safe place to sing their hearts out. Let’s see Queen City of the South’s safest war zone.

Now that we’ve caught your attention, let’s talk about some of the reasons why the Ayala Center Cebu Videoke hub is a go-to spot for those who live around the area.

The Ayala Center Cebu Videoke can feed your soul

No one dislikes music, and singing their favorite lines accompanied with heartfelt words on the videoke makes every serious thought feel lighter. Instead of carrying those bags of emotions every day, it is healthier for your mental and even physical health status to release and replace such with some genuine smiles on your face without thinking about any fear or worry.

Safe and Sound

When you decide to hang out in this place, your physical and mental safety is their topmost priority. Guidelines related to health protocols are strictly implemented so you do not have to worry about acquiring the disease and can rest easy while doing your thing in the zone.

Just fun and a lot of games

Another reason for considering this place to hang out is it’s not just about the videoke. The area also offers a wide variety of fun and enjoyable games suitable for all ages. Let’s illustrate this one way better. Let’s say that you’re done with singing almost every favorite song of yours in the songbook, and you are still craving some ways to unload that stress; what are the other set of things you can do? Since Ayala Center Cebu Videoke offers more, you can unleash your creativity using arts and Crafts stations and test your gaming skills through arcade games too.

South's Safest War Zone

The Ayala Center Cebu Videoke is more than just a place

Many people from Cebu, whether native or foreigners, love hanging out in the Ayala Center Cebu for a reason. And one thing’s for sure. The videoke hub of the center makes the vibe of it happier and livelier. The spot becomes more than just a place. It becomes remarkable for people who want to destress, bond together with family and friends, and make great memories. Although there are a lot of good places to visit in Cebu, you would want to pass by the Ayala Center once in a while to experience the fun it offers.


Wherever you are in Cebu, you can definitely add the Ayala Center to the list of places you should visit. The natives like the place, especially its Videoke hub. So, if you are a tourist, it’s a must to try out their services to see for yourself.


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