COVID-19 : Ransomware Gangs Won’t Attack on Healthcare Services

Ransomware Gangs Won't Attack on Healthcare Services

These days, we all are worried about the Covid-19 breakout. World health organization has already declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. Millions of people are suffering from this disease. And different Governments around the world are taking action to fight against Coronavirus. In this hard situation, we can only do one thing. As there is no cure for Covid-19, we can only avoid this disease if we stay at home. Home quarantine is the only solution as of now. While at home quarantine, you can eat some healthy foods to boost your immunity. You can also some of the best movies while in quarantine. However, in this hard situation, different ransomware gangs have some good news for the health sector. Recently they declared that Ransomware gangs won’t attack healthcare.

No doubt it’s a relief for the public healthcare sector. Because if ransomware gangs encrypt the data of public healthcare sector computers, it’ll be a big loss for us. The news is confirmed by some of the ransomware gangs. Probably, the ransomware gangs did the best thing in their life. So, its no doubt that it is a relief for us that ransomware gangs won’t attack healthcare services. For now, healthcare service is most important for us. And if the healthcare services collapse, millions would die.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware or virus that attacks PC and encrypts all the files. After encrypting the files, it’ll ask for a specific amount of ransom to the user. So, if you get ransomware on your PC, it’ll be not good for you.

The ransomware gang who’ll ask for the ransom will also threaten you for deleting the files. So, ransomware is one of the annoying viruses ever. You can’t access your files until you pay the ransomware to the ransomware gang. All your files will be encrypted so you’ll not get access to your files.

The way the ransomware gang collects the ransom is also interesting. They ask the user to deposit the ransom using bitcoins. Bitcoin is almost untraceable. So, you’ll not even know whom you are paying to. And it’ll be a big risk for you. Because, if the ransomware gang doesn’t decrypt your data after paying the ransom, you’ll lose both your data and your money.

This is the reason ransomware is one of the worst types of malware. If you get ransomware on your PC, you won’t even able to access your own files. And if you pay the ransom, there is no guaranty of getting the files back.

Many of you guys don’t even know how ransomware can get into your PC. If you download a crack software if you use a pirated version of Windows, then it’s the easiest way to get into your PC and encrypt all the files.

However, there are many ways ransomware gangs can target your PC. And if they successfully get into your PC, they’ll encrypt all your personal data files present on that PC. So, it’s very difficult to get the data from the PC that has ransomware.

Now, imagine if the healthcare sector PC’s get ransomware on them. Thousands of people worldwide are admitted to hospitals because of coronavirus. In this situation, if ransomware gangs attack the PCs that healthcare services are using, then it’ll be a big disaster. Because all the information about patients is stored on different PC’s.

This is the reason ransomware gangs won’t attack healthcare services. After all, they are human. And they know about the current situation. I would say it’s the best decision that the ransomware gangs took by not attacking the healthcare services. Different ransomware gangs have declared about this news. However, it’s up to them when it comes to attacking the PCs of the healthcare system.

Ransomware Gangs Won’t Attack Healthcare Services

Different ransomware gangs worldwide have declared about this news. So, it’s a good step they took. And relief for us. Because doctors and nurses around the world are helping us to treat infected people.

However, some of the ransomware gangs also said that if they encrypt the data of any health organization by mistake, then they’ll decrypt it for free. But, to do it, the organization must send the proof and they’ll decrypt the data on the PC.

Now, let’s see some of the statements that some of the ransomware gangs declared.

Maze Ransomware

“We also stop all activity versus all kinds of medical organizations until the stabilization of the situation with the virus.”

Netwalker Ransomware

“Hospitals and medical facilities ? do you think someone has a goal to attack hospitals? We don’t have that goal- it never was. it coincidence. no one will purposefully hack into the hospital.”

DoppelPaymer Ransomware

“We always try to avoid hospitals, nursing homes, if it’s some local gov- we always do not touch 911(only occasionally is possible or due to misconfig in their network). Not only now.

If we do it by mistake- we’ll decrypt for free. But some companies usually try to represent themselves as something other: we have development company that tried to be small real estate, had another company that tried to be dog shelter.

So if this happens we’ll do double, triple check before releasing decrypt for free to such things. But about pharma- they earn lot of extra panic nowadays, we have no wish to support them. While doctors do something, those guys earns.”

As you can see from the statements, most of the ransomware gangs won’t attack healthcare services. As I said earlier, it’s up to them not to attack the PCs that are being used in the healthcare sector. No doubt it’s a good step taken by the different ransomware gangs around the world.

Final Words

So guys, as you can see, many people are helping us in this critical situation. There are thousands of doctors and nurses are working in different hospitals around the world. So, we should also respect them. If you want to share this news, you can share it on your social media accounts. You can also comment on your thoughts in the comment section below. And please don’t go out until you have some emergency. And don’t forget to wear a mask if you go out.


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