Top 3 Best Roombas for Dog Hair 2020

Best Roombas

A robot vacuum cleaner is not just one more useless gadget in the arsenal of a modern man. It is a loyal assistant that creates your new lifestyle without cleaning and vacuuming worries. Nowadays, manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners release new models every year and update old ones. But a couple of years ago, one could see ubiquitous skepticism about the effectiveness of these devices. And it was partly fair, especially when it came to cleaning animal hair. However, modern models compare favorably with their predecessors, and now it’s much easier to find a robot that can cope with such complex pollution as dog hair. This blog will discuss about top 3 best Bombas for dog hair 2020.

To help our readers, we have compiled a rating of the best roombas and robot vacuum cleaners from the famous iRobot brand. During our research, we relied on reviews, independent tests, and the market value of gadgets. As a result, we selected the three best Roomba vacuums for dog hair.

Roomba 980 

Roomba 980 is the perfect model of the iRobot family, which incorporates all the advanced technologies for automated house cleaning and provides a fantastic result in the fight against pet hair. First of all, the robot is equipped with an optical mapping system for building and remembering house maps and routes. Thus it can clean even the largest rooms without any assistance. We also note voice control and full smartphone management from any place in the world.

The 980 got into our top 3 best anti-hair models thanks to the following features. Firstly, the device uses double rubber rollers as the primary cleaning element. These soft extractors easily adapt to cleaned surfaces; therefore, they are suitable for houses with any floor covering. They capture every crumb or hair and provide combing and scraping of debris. The proprietary system of roller-extractors was called the Tangle-free AeroForce since such elements don`t cause winding and tangling of hair.

Secondly, another Dirt Detect Series II system uses optical and acoustic sensors to monitor extra dirty areas in the room, especially with a high concentration of pet hair, and the robot vacuums such areas with great care.

Also, when the bot detects carpets through the Carpet Boost system, the suction power increases by 10 times, which makes cleaning more high-quality and optimal, leaving no chance for hair and dust in a pile.

Powerful suction up to 1700 Pa, a good battery, a fairly capacious 600 ml dust collector, an anti-allergenic HEPA filter, and two virtual walls to limit the cleaning area in undesirable places add victory points to this device.

Of the minuses, users note only noisy work and a high price.

Roomba E5

Roomba E5 is ideal for those who want to get a cool assistant in dog hair cleaning at a more affordable price. This iRobot model costs no more than $350, but for this amount, it offers a vast range of functions.

The bot uses a standard three-stage cleaning system that provides the best results, especially in rooms where pets are kept. One of the elements of this system is double V-shaped rubber rollers that gently grab any debris and don`t wind hair.

Identification of contaminated areas or Dirt Detection helps the robot better clean challenging places.

Roomba E5 applies virtual walls so that users can mark prohibited areas, for example, near pet bowls. The vacuum also uses the local cleaning mode to clean a small space if you don`t need to process the entire room, or you`d like to pay special attention to some messy place.

The E5 has the same high suction of 1700 Pa, a HEPA filter for collecting microparticles of dust and allergens, control via a smartphone and voice assistants.

If we talk about small flaws, then, unfortunately, this model doesn`t have the Carpet Boost and mapping functions that are so useful in hair cleaning. We also note a small dust collector and a rather weak battery.

Roomba i7+

Roomba i7+ is perhaps the most expensive, but also the most advanced robot of our review. The new design of the Roomba i7+ vacuum system gives it a 10-fold advantage in suction power over the Roombas of 600 Series. Besides, its roller-extractors have different blade designs. Due to the mismatch of the protectors, they clean the floors very carefully, capturing everything from large debris or fine dust to hair. When cleaning carpets, Carpet Boost technology is activated, so you don`t have to choose between your carpets and your beloved dog.

Roomba i7+ is designed for a fully human-free cleaning of the whole house. Equipped with Imprint Smart Mapping technology, this robot is correctly oriented among the rooms of your home and can simultaneously store several maps for different floors.

Like previous models, this device has Recharge and Resume function and Dirt Detection to recognize the most contaminated areas. You can also set restriction zones with virtual barriers.

But the main advantage of the device is the Automatic Dirt Disposal system. Now the bot is able to automatically pump out the contents of the dust bin in a special bag installed in the charging base. The bag holds up to 30 waste bins full of dirt and hair, so you don’t have to think about emptying and maintaining the machine for weeks.

We also note the highly efficient HEPA filter, which traps 99% of mold, pollen, bacteria, and various allergens. So the device can prevent the development of allergies to animal hair in children and people with poor health, as well as reduce allergic attacks in those who already suffer from this ailment.

Although the i7+ is one of the best iRobot vacuum cleaners, it also has some disadvantages. First of all, this is a very high price, but it`s justified by the presence of technologies unique in their effectiveness. Also, mind that the battery lasts only 75 minutes, which is very small for a device of this level and power.

As you can see, all our Roombas are equipped with roller-extractors, powerful filters, Dirt Detection, and some other functions that make them so useful in dog hair cleaning. We also advise you to pay attention to iRobot s9/s9+, E6, and 890 models. Although they aren`t in our top 3 best Roomba vacuums, they also deal with hair cleaning very well. You can find more information about them in our reviews.



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